Biological - Gusto Calabro

Biological - Gusto Calabro

young company born from the idea of ??four friends to satisfy the need for healthy and genuine diet. The team, although young, boasts consolidated experiences and knowledge in the world of innovative and biological agriculture. Following the ancient tradition of Calabria, handed down to us by our ancestors, we have created a perfect combination of innovation and tradition. The cultivation funds insist in hilly areas in the province of Catanzaro, boasting excellent sun exposure, good ventilation and very fertile ground, typical characters of the Mediterranean scrub. Punta di Diamante is the production of cold -extracted organic extra virgin olive oil, coming from our olive groves of the ""Carolea"" cultivar typical of Calabria and with excellent nutraceutical and organoleptic qualities. The company deals with seasonal organic oriental vegetable crops, such as tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, artichokes, pumpkins and courgettes, cucumbers etc ""¦ Among the most rooted traditions in Calabria, that of the production of vegetables preserves is widespread. The peasant tradition, handed down from generation to generation, it wants that, as our grandparents did, we also select the best vegetables and, following the ancient Calabrian recipes, we keep them in glass, preserving the fresh flavor of the season to enjoy them all year round. Live by hand just caught and immersed in the excellent extra virgin olive oil obtained by the squeezing of our olives. The result of our passion and a careful selection of tomatoes, it is our ancient tomato puree. Hand collected and fresh transformed with the use of technological systems, which reduce the time of exposure to heat so as to preserve all the organoleptic qualities.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Gift baskets and mixed packs

  • - Flavored EVO Oil

  • - Bottled organic extra virgin olive oil

  • - ORGANIC extra virgin olive oil in cans

  • - Creams and olive pâté

  • - Whole olives in jars

  • - Creams with Yellow Pumpkin

  • - Pesto sauce

  • - Tomato puree with only tomatoes grown in Calabria

  • - Ready-made sauces and peeled tomatoes

  • - Vegetables in oil and pickle


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