Azienda Agricola e Salumificio Tradizionale Mandarino - SPINA IOLANDA

Azienda Agricola e Salumificio Tradizionale Mandarino - SPINA IOLANDA

Dear consumers, we allow ourselves to make a brief description of our work. It all starts with the breeding of pigs in the semi-brands, that is, they choose when being outdoors and enjoying what nature offers them periodically, or returning to the houses, where in addition to hospitalization, they can taste the local wheels ground. After a minimum of 12-13 months, they deceive a weight adequate to the processing of their meats. They too are wisely chosen, with so much care and delicacy, in order to allocate each piece for the realization of the corresponding product. The affected meat is assembled, with the sole addition of black pepper, sweet pepper, spicy or flakes, or spices such as fennel, oregano, rosemary. After a slow and consonant seasoning at the time necessary for each production, a truly unique product is obtained, which can only do well, if inserted with accuracy in the daily diet of each of us. This is the ""simple"" and natural recipe of our cured meats, because, thanks to the safe and healthy origin of the raw materials, no type of preservative or chemical additive is used, those of convenience may seem like: ""Eat healthy means living well "", Or"" we are what we eat "", instead for our company, is a conscious and courageous choice, because it wants to continue to pass on what is a family tradition, in compliance with the territory and the trust of the consumer, who, thanks to ""Pass word"" of the ""natural"" flavor and perfume of the finished product, gratifies all those who are our sacrifices, the passion and dedication that is used to follow step by step, with precise, the so -called ""supply chain"", from the first to The last phase and that is that of the tasting of a product that contains all the characteristics described in itself. I therefore invite you to taste them, to savor their ""natural"" taste, which we will never tire of repeating and underlining, being a real bet of the present in favor of future generations. These are the reasons why you should choose our products and thank you infinitely if you decide to do it.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Sausage

  • - Sausage with liver

  • - Sausage with lung

  • - Suppressed

  • - Lard

  • - Nduja

  • - Pancetta

  • - Capocollo

  • - Guanciale

  • - Other cured meats

  • - Pork gelatine

  • - Virgin fat


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