Sebastiano Iacono, young, enterprising and full of ideas for the future, is the leading figure of the homonymous farm. By representing the third generation engaged in the care of family lands in Chiaramonte Gulfi, the company is dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil obtained exclusively by the precious variety monocultivar Tonda Iblea, belonging to the Dop Monti Iblei. With a degree in Agriculture and a specialization in plant productions sciences at the University of Palermo, Sebastiano has acquired in -depth knowledge in the sector. In 2014, he took the reins of the farm founded by his grandfather in 1967 in his hand, with land distributed in different areas of Chiaramonte and Licodia Eubea, such as Dicchiara, water plan, ellurer and district jurf. His passion for agriculture has been born since childhood, spent among the centuries -old olive trees, and has consolidated thanks to the techniques handed down by the grandfather. Sebastiano decided to go further, combining the wisdom of the peasant tradition with the agricultural study, transforming what was a family custom into a succession of success. The main objective of the company is to combine technological innovation with the solid peasant tradition, all in the context of sustainable agriculture both from an environmental point of view and production, paying particular attention to the health of consumers.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Vegetables in oil and pickle

  • - Pesto

  • - Creams and pâtés

  • - Ready-made sauces and gravies more

  • - Tomato sauces and sauces

  • - Creams and olive pâté

  • - Whole olives

  • - Flavored Condiments

  • - Bottled extra virgin olive oil

  • - Extra virgin olive oil in can

  • - Extra virgin olive oil other


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