Cooperativa di comunità Alta Val Venosta Latteria di Prato allo Stelvio

Cooperativa di comunità Alta Val Venosta Latteria di Prato allo Stelvio

The goal of the Cooperative of the Alta Val Venosta community is an ecologically and economically sustainable development of the Upper Val Venosta. The cooperative is supported by people, initiatives and companies that rely on the various potential and resources of the valley. Strengthen regional cycles and local added value. To achieve our goals, the cooperative acts as an hub, offers advice, promotes networks, supports initiatives and creates its ideas and services. The Latteria di Prato alla Stelvio can be proud of its ultra centenary history. In 2012 he had to close his doors temporarily due to sales problems, but already in 2017 he resumed his business thanks to a foreign investor. Joos Peters, an expert in the Casearei product sector, has been able to take the reins in hand and placed the milestone of a new direction such as Bio Milky. Under its management, the company has been certified as organic, favoring the production of organic goat of local breeders. The sudden interruption of the Belgian for private reasons was a source of problems both for the activity and for breeders. The dairy reopened, however, this time under the direction of the Alta Venosta social cooperative and become one of the farmers' projects. The objective of the cooperative is a development of the upper Venosta Venosta constant and lasting ecological and efficient. We believe that this precious structure and attached skills are important for the Region to be able to carry out important jobs and for interested farmers to be carried out and offered prospects for their future. In the Latteria di Prato will be produced in the future high quality biological goat, in order to be able to create this project in the best way, we rely on your desire to want to support us. With the presale we would like to collect the capital necessary to start the company, with the proceeds of the presale we could cover the costs incurred initially that are used for milk, staff and the structure.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Goat cheeses: caschlin

  • - Dulbant

  • - Plamunt

  • - Sheep's Cheeses

  • - Gamskopf

  • - Cow Cheeses

  • - Rims

  • - Arunda

  • - Tella

  • - Salami

  • - Kid pork salami

  • - Pork ring salami without additives

  • - Kaminwurzen goat

  • - Kaminwurzen cow

  • - Organic speck from our production

  • -

  • - Kaminwurzen sausage

  • - Various syrups

  • - Fruit juices and nectars other

  • - pear nectar shovel 700ml 200ml

  • - Different mustard and mustard

  • - Creams and pâtés

  • - pala pear chutney

  • - pala pear mouse

  • - Herbal teas

  • - Herbal teas from the upper Venosta Valley

  • - Other cheeses

  • - fresh cheeses

  • - joguhrt


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