A' SPARACIA - tradizioni contadine dal 1933

A' SPARACIA - tradizioni contadine dal 1933

We are a young company, with ancient and deep roots. My great -grandfather began to cultivate these lands since 1933 and it is here that since then, our family has lived with its history. Over the years we have preserved a small treasure: our seeds. Legumes, wheat and other species, historically cultivated for the family needs and, from today, available for those who want to return to taste the flavor of memory.

everything is grown according to tradition and without use of chemical additives.

We believe in biological agriculture because we believe in the healthiest and oldest customs of peasant life, those handed down by our grandparents and great -grandparents and by those who preceded them.

We believe in an agriculture that is not made industry, but produces healthy food, respecting the environment and transmitting the heritage of our rural traditions.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - ORGANIC chickpea pasta

  • - ORGANIC Sicilian durum wheat pasta: Russello and Tumminia

  • - Legumes: ORGANIC Lentils and Chickpeas

  • - Organic stone-milled Sicilian ancient grain flour

  • - Baked products: Crispy puff pastry with organic ancient grains


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