Artemali Ocoxal , Puebla, México

Artemali Ocoxal , Puebla, México

Artemali ICOXAL was born in 2009 in Puebla, Mexico as an ecosospible and social project for the care of the forest and to contribute to the economic improvement of the group's families. Through the crafts made with material that proportion to us our natural around, ancestral manual techniques and creativity and personal design in every piece. It is a female community social enterprise engaged for the nature and empowerment of its members: 15 women


Kleidung und Accessoires,Schmuck,Servizi per la casa,Zuhause und Möbel

Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Small bags and purses in Ocoxal (Pine needle)

  • - Bracelets for women and girls in Ocoxal (Agi di pino)

  • - Ecological unisex bracelets in pine needle (Ocoxal)

  • - Ecological women's pine needle earrings (Ocoxal)

  • - Ecological women's pine needle necklaces (ocoxal)

  • - Eco-Friendly Pine Needle Jewelry (Ocoxal)

  • - Jewelry holders and small pine needle baskets.

  • - Baskets, desk pencil holders, paper holders. Ecological

  • - Fruit baskets, bread stick holders. Ecological

  • - Basket for bottle of wine, oil, vinegar. Pine Needle

  • - Napkin Baskets, Paper Roll Baskets. In pine needle

  • - Flower vases for table in pine needle.

  • - Tree decorations. Pine needle balls and crowns.

  • - Ecological baskets and baskets for all use. In pine needle.

  • - Baskets for the office, home, kitchen, bathroom, living room.

  • - Baskets and baskets for pasta, fruit, eggs. In pine needle

  • - Breadstick holder baskets, oil cruet holder, salt and pepper holder

  • - Cup holder, napkin holder. Ecological. In pine needle