Amicasa idee per la casa www.amicasaidee.it

Amicasa idee per la casa www.amicasaidee.it

The Ethnic Furniture of Amicasa Ideas Amicasa Ideas for several years has been one of the protagonists in the import and sale of the best artisan ethnic furniture products. Just the craftsmanship of our products makes sure that they can be the starting point to develop your style very personal. Style that you can better elaborate thanks to our wide choice of products that very often marry perfectly with furnishings of every ethnic declination or with your travel memories. Ethnic furniture are usually handcrafted productions, where there are no pieces made of series. They are original and unique and create very intense atmospheres that echo perfumes and flavors of distant lands.


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Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Furnishing accessories

  • - Handmade objects

  • - Lighting

  • - Lamps and chandeliers

  • - Paintings

  • - Hand painted canvases

  • - Knick-knacks

  • - Objects Buddha in wood

  • - Furnishing accessories other

  • - objects


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