Authenticity, conviviality, commitment and passion, these are the load -bearing columns that support the longevated activity of the Perrino family. For generations, we have been dedicating ourselves to the reception and care of customers. Our company, which gives work to over 200 employees, specializes in the organization of great receptions, in particular weddings, during which we deal with each individual aspect necessary for a unique and unforgettable experience. For decades we have been carrying out the family business, located in the territory of Grottaminarda and founded by Benedetto Perrino, who learned the secrets of this profession since he was a child, when he collaborated in his parents' restaurant, located in Villanova del Battista. Over time, thanks to the right intuitions, the experience gained and professionalism, the two locations Villa Belvedere (1970) and Villa Regina (1994) hosted millions of customers during the enchanting receptions. WHO WE ARE? The historic activity Perrino has no intention of stopping, and today continues with us: we are the brothers Damiano and Lorenzo Perrino, and we have finally decided to share some secrets of our profession with you, opening the doors of our precious pastry shop to the general public. The mission that guides us is the desire to want to share the precious family confectionery tradition with the general public, granting everyone the opportunity to taste the timeless recipes of the precious Perrino pastry shop, jealously guarded and handed down from generation to generation. So far, we have reserved our artisan desserts for customers who participate in the receptions and events that we organize in our two villas every year. Their feedbacks, the propensity for sharing and the passion for our work have prompted us to want to increase our production, and to spread, through our products, the key values ??of our family. For us Perrino, craftsmanship is the element that allows us to emerge and distinguish us, the result of the transformation of the passion into a profession, and it is the quality that our loyal customers recognize us most. Conducted by the traditional compass in the vast sea of ??pastry, we developed an surprising artisan product, projected to the future, but with our gaze turned to the past. And it is precisely the tradition, imprinted in our minds, which keeps the link with our territory alive, forge of the products that we use for our preparations. The unmistakable flavors of the products of our land make the desserts of Perrino precious pastry unique. Through our products, you can perceive the peculiarities of our land: Irpinia. In our preparations, the precious lemons of nearby Sorrento, the Irpine chestnuts, with a decisive and unique flavor, the coffee, the undisputed protagonist of many typical bells, are the masters. Thanks to a long and widespread research and experimentation work, we managed to obtain the perfect combination, which arises from the encounter between the Milanese pastry chef and the high quality of the typical raw materials of our area. The experience gained in the selection of raw materials and the wise processing by a highly qualified team have contributed to creating a high value pastry shop. Behind every strictly artisanal work there is also the support of a great team: women and men who work with passion and synchrony in the common intent to achieve common objectives, guaranteeing a quality without compromise. The real soul of the Perrino panettone is certainly the mother yeast, which is regenerated daily and kept in life with care and attention. Natural processing gives all products an extremely soft pasta, with a typical alveolated structure, guaranteeing lightness, softness and better digestibility without resorting to the use of preservatives. The most requested panettone are the traditional, with candied orange candied fruit, cedar and raisins; limoncello with the tasty limoncello stuffing and lemon candied fruit; chestnuts and chocolate; coffee and chocolate; Bathena and pistachio cream; Gianduia. We also produce almonds, hazelnuts, covered with dark chocolate, spantorroni, chocolate dragees, Mostaccioli in various variations, chocolate pralines and fruit gelée. This year our Colomba al Gianduia won the first prize: best creative dove of 2023 at the ""A mole of doves"" competition. In addition to dealing with hospitality and creating confectionery products with our ""Tenuta Perrino"" farm, we are also producers of extraordinary raw materials, such as the wine-Greek of Tufo D.O.C.G. and Aglianico di Taurasi D.O.C., The oil-extra virgin olive oil and the flour of Senator Cappelli.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Candies

  • - Milk chocolate

  • - Fondants

  • - Stuffed

  • - Chocolate panettone

  • - Pistachio panettone

  • - Panettone assorted flavours

  • - Classic Milanese panettone

  • - Nougat

  • - Greco di Tufo DOCG white wine

  • - Aglianico di Taurasi DOC red wine

  • - Rosè Irpinia Rosato

  • - Bottled extra virgin olive oil