Azienda agricola Il Riccio

Azienda agricola Il Riccio

""Being beekeeper consists substantially in procuring the API hospitalization and care, watching over their development in return he collects a discreet share of their product, consisting of: honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and poison"" . Our company is the union between the love of nature to the passion for cuisine. Everything was born following a passion for bees handed down by my grandmother Maria. For a beekeeper the bees are his family, we know them, we relieve them and transport them to the most beautiful Marche territories, in search of the best blooms. Our best products are born from this work, directly from our bees to your table. An excellent job takes a long time, and surely we dedicate our life, for bees, for the kitchen and above all also for you. For the present day, the beekeeping company The hedgehog, tries to be at the forefront of 360 °: laboratory with modern machinery for the processing of honey, apiaries settled by the coast on the mountains of the Sibillini Mountains, didactic farm, training classroom routes, educational workshops for Adults and children, with the possibility of entering a true sensory path.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Acacia's honey

  • - Other hive products

  • - hydroalcoholic propolis drops

  • - bee pollen

  • - dandelion honey

  • - Chestnut honey

  • - Cherry honey

  • - Lime honey

  • - Wildflower honey

  • - Classic without candied fruit

  • - Chocolate panettone

  • - Pistachio panettone

  • - Panettone assorted flavours

  • - Honey nougat

  • - Honey chocolate

  • - pollen chocolate

  • - Honey candies

  • - propolis candies

  • - Other Sweets

  • - Durum wheat pasta with pollen


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