The ancient Legoriaria Ofer was born in Padua from the tradition of the GRS legacy, a real institution for the whole area of ??Padua. Subsequently it extends to Venice by collecting the legacy of Alberto Valese, a renowned creator of marbled cards, Ebrù and cards printed in stamps. Our most experienced legates have transmitted their experience of this ancient and prestigious art to a new and younger generation of craftsmen and specialists, still collaborating with them in order to maintain an important link of continuity and also of innovation. The production is not limited only to the creation of notebooks but also to many other articles starting from the same hand decorated paper that we use for the covers up to frames, baskets, photos for the photos and much more. The assortment of decorated cards that can be found in the Bottega Ofer boasts various techniques and styles. First of all, we can find western, Japanese (Suminagashi) and Turkish (Ebrù) marble cards; The presence of these two oriental variants, very rare to find all together, were possible only thanks to the presence and experience of Alberto Valento, the only non -Turkish artist to be recognized in Turkey as a master Ebrù. Thanks to his knowledge, we were able to learn and replicate the technique of these magnificent and unique cards that are used to cover many products. Other techniques that are used by our craftsmen are: the geometric cards with the Venetian buildings, various woodcuts that reproduce more contemporary subjects and the digital representation with which cards with a more distinctly contemporary taste are designed, without losing sight of the quality of the press and the paper support. We prefer led processes and low environmental impact cards which are also interesting from both a tactile and chromatic point of view. In our assortment you can find handmade cards in cotton Amalfi, transparent cards with light weight and the ringing colors, material cards that contain visible fibers of other vegetable subjects created to give new life and value to waste fibers of other productions. This variety of paper creates myriads of combinations that in turn enhance the different bindings of the notebooks, in fact we do not find only the classic ligatures, but also discovered bindings such as the Coptic or Japanese one and the single file notebooks. The choice of these cards also brings us closer to our idea of ??environmental sustainability. Our keywords have always been: tradition, innovation and creativity.


Freizeit und Kreativität.

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