Cidre Fils de Pomme

Cidre Fils de Pomme

Son de Pomme brings together two friends, who at school dreamed of bringing the cider back to his letters of nobleity. Thà ‰ o: coming from a lineage of French navy officers since 1780, it is the heir of the family tradition of clove of the cider which dates back to the end of the nineteenth century. Valentin: The cider is a bit like his little Madeleine of Proust. He spent all his summers in Brittany with his grandparents, who introduced him to the production of cider and taught him to taste the cider. family production. Respect for the strong elderly of this precious inheritance, we have worked on our mixtures for more than 2 years to produce Sidri worthy of those who have inspired us. We have created new sidri, to be tasted, finer, in compliance with the tradition and French know-how. Legity & Tradition We owe the heritage of the cider in France to the sailors who brought him back from the Iberian coast. Already in the seventeenth century the sailors drank cider at sea both for pleasure and to give themselves the strength to face the storms. Inspired by these men of the sea, we sublimate the cider giving it strength and elegance. The secret composition of our cider draws its influences from the recipe for the family mixture of Kermasson de Kerisel, from which Thà © O. A line of French Navy officers since 1780 and a family tradition of cider production for centuries. As part of our commitment to the environment, our house of cider is turning to the ecological pasture to maintain its green spaces. In addition to the ecological approach, this action allows the reintroduction of the Boulogne sheep's breed (ovine breed from the Hauts de France threat of extinction). A 100% organic product, 100% natural. The apple is one of the 10 most treated fruits with pesticides, precisely this ... For this reason we commit to respecting the health of our apple consumers and the environment without harming biodiversity! As ? By proposing 100% organic, natural creations, produced at an ultra-room level and always without added sugars, vegan and gluten-free! Our AB certification and the meticulous work of our craftsman's manufacturers allow us to offer you the highest quality products, without the risk of pesticides for your health and nature. From cultivated fruits ""‹ ""‹ 100% in France and as close as possible to the house of the cider, we created ""new"" cids. Without added sugars, preservatives or chemicals. Our waste, such as apple sansa, are 100% recycled and reused for the production of natural gas. Being ambassadors of recycling and selection, in compliance with the environmental code, we contribute to the recycling of our waste in collaboration with Adelph. Fils de Pomme becomes patrons for the protection of bees in Normandy. The species is threatened and is experiencing an unprecedented tragedy, due to the use of pesticides and the presence of the Asian hornet. It is urgent to act, we are implementing an awareness and safeguard plan of bees, financing the apiaries and the safeguarding of conscientious beekeepers. Deliveries to professionals are carried out with ecological vehicles, according to our ethical approach. We therefore have an ethical approach with strong values ??in compliance with the environment and consumer, which exceeds only 100% biological. 4 Exceptional curls: Brut, Perry, Yuzu-based Yuzu-Basil infusion cider, rosé sidro di sambuco-hybisco and a vintage cider: prestige produced in Vexin-normand with 100%French apples and pears, our fine and sparkling cider is delicate , Refreshing and gradually sugar.



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