D.N.R. Falegnameria

D.N.R. Falegnameria

Born in 1987, DNR Falegnameria designs, manufactures and installs wooden creations, always looking for new technical and artistic solutions to constantly guarantee maximum quality and variety thanks to the great versatility and experience. The constant research of high quality raw materials allows us to offer personalized solutions for any need, always maintaining our commitment in the use of materials and eco -sustainable resources for the environment. The choice of certified partners guarantees quality, safety, duration, reliability of the products. This allows DNR Falegnameria a structural elasticity to offer its customers always the best solution and a complete service. Since 2020 we have decided to relaunch the artistic side of carpentry with personalized products and limited series with an eclectic character.


Zuhause und Möbel

Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Paintings

  • - lamps

  • - home accessories

  • - inlaid tables

  • - coasters

  • - decorative plaques


Recycelte Produkte