The story of my dream begins in 2003, from the first meeting with the restoration teacher Lucia Chirico and with the entry into the Turin Restorers Artisan school, in which today, after finishing her studies, return as a teacher. Over the years I also learn the technique of the glassmark and I have the opportunity to deepen some aspects with the artists Miriam Di Fiore and Silvia Levenson, then from Turin landing in Murano for a short stay, during which I learn the lamp -likeing processing technique by the Maestro Davide I think. And now in my laboratory, layer after layer, by the combination of fine glass by love for detail and inspired by the passion for the application of the artisan tradition of glass, unique and exclusive works come to life. In addition, my laboratory and my creations are recognized by the Piedmont Region as an artisan excellence. What do I do to date I have diversified my job, mainly dealing with: restoration: it is the art that I practice and teach. Specifically, I deal with conservative restoration and creation of artistic windows and tiffany jewelry lamps: the beauty of the glass combines with my processing techniques, with which I make glass jewels. Small glass works, to wear when you want objects: in my laboratory you will also find entirely handcrafted glass decorations made by hand, which can also be created to measure for your home. Among these you will find dishes, glass, frames and much more


Zuhause und Möbel,Schmuck,Servizi per la casa

Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Lighting: handmade glass lamps

  • - Tiffany lamps for suspension or table

  • - Ornaments: decorative glass objects

  • - objects depicting elements of nature

  • - mirrors with glass frames

  • - hand-painted artistic stained glass windows

  • - useful glass objects for the home: plates, trays, bowls

  • - Glass vases made in Tiffany technique

  • - Women's glass rings, handmade in glass fusion

  • - Women's handmade glass bracelets in vitrofusion

  • - handmade bracelets with Murano glass beads

  • - Women's glass pendants handmade in glass fusion

  • - pendants handmade with Murano glass beads

  • - Women's necklaces of handmade Murano glass pearls

  • - Handmade lobe earrings in glass fusion

  • - Handmade lobe earrings with Muran glass beads

  • - Handmade glass drop earrings

  • - Handmade drop earrings with Murano glass beads

  • - Sets composed of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings

  • - Brooches for clothes and jackets handmade glass fusion

  • - Restoration of artistic stained glass windows and Tiffany lamps

  • - Christmas decorations

  • - Christmas themed glass objects