Brewberry was born as a beer consultancy company, we study recipes for those who would like their beer we have always produced something for us since 2017 with One Hundred and Season Dragon. The first third party recipe, ever, was created for the Birre in Sesto Consortium and together with Andrea, the Whites White Ipa with 5.5% alcohol was born. Thanks to the desire to express and tell as many people as possible we produced festivals where there was the purpose of the beer dissemination in 2019 such as Mash Festival Milan and Malto Beer Expo Bologna at the Unipol Arena. Working at Radio Pop in the drafting of the ""Nobody likes"" program, we produced together with the Lariano brewery The Metrocubo recipe The IPA dedicated to the first study of the radio and shortly after together with the Brurificio La Buttiga the acororic beer produced for the Punkreas group . During Covid we produced a project with a beer called Hoptimist together with the local B placing to give a pಠof happiness hope and emotion in a complicated period like the past one. The 4.6% Connation Pils was instead the beer dedicated to the positive connecting of the room painted by Nine in the Paint at the Triple club in Milan. In 2023 we finally decided to get 5 new labels new Kill Pils 4.6% Hyperion 6% Hyperion Vol.2 5.5% Golden Galaxy 8% Red Sunset 5.6% One Albert 4.6%



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Ambrata Red Ale 5,6% (Red Sunset)

  • - Blonde Bottom Fermented 4.6% (Kill Pils) Italian Pils

  • - 6% IPA beer (Hyperion) with American hops

  • - 8% DIPA beer (Golden Galaxy) our hoppiest

  • - Dark 4.8% (One Albert)


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