Alina Vannini Ceramiche

Alina Vannini Ceramiche

my name is Alina Vannini and I founded 'Alina Vannini Ceramiche'. I am 30 years old, I am German and I live with my small family in Italy, in Castel del Rio, in the beautiful hills between Florence and Bologna. In my ""old"" life in Germany I worked as a nurse and I was very unhappy. I have always had a great nostalgia for Italy and I had the desire to be able to live my creativity in work, working with my hands. In 2021 my husband, Italian, and I decided to move to his homeland Italy and from there I started a completely new and different life. I attended several ceramic courses in Montelupo Fiorentino and Faenza, two important cities for ceramic and we created space for my small laboratory. Pianino I learned to work on the lathe, to glaze and create modern ceramic pieces. Obviously my ceramics are not perfect, but they don't even have to be, for this reason they are unique pieces. So ""Alina Vannini Ceramiche"" was born. My heart is full of joy and happiness for what I have managed to create so far, curious for what it will create, and learn. Now the job no longer seems a job and every single day I am grateful for this beautiful new life.


Zuhause und Möbel,Schmuck

Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Ceramic cups and mugs

  • - Ceramic glasses

  • - Ceramic wine glasses

  • - Ceramic jug

  • - Other ceramic kitchen and tableware

  • - Bowl

  • - Dishes

  • - Cruet

  • - Essence burner

  • - Candle holder

  • - Teapot

  • - Lamp

  • - Ceramic soap dish/soap dish

  • - Ceramic vases for flowers

  • - Unisex pendants