Azienda D'Ambra

Azienda D'Ambra

In the wrong valley, located in the Sicilian hinterland, the Ambra company was born. Respecting the environment, we try to promote the genuine products of our land: Sicily. We grow a sustainable plantation of wonderful quality pomegranates. The pomegranate has always been the symbol of abundance and prosperity, it also has anticancer, antioxidant and vasoprotective properties. With this wonderful fruit we produce liqueurs, jams, glazes and concentrated. Our company was born in 2018, in a period of economic difficulty, where the only way to remain in our wonderful but torn Sicily was to cultivate the earth. Rosolino d'Ambra, owner of the company, through various market research has strongly believed that the pomegranate was the right fruit to be cultivated. Today the company has a plantation of Melograni Wonderful of 1200 trees. The pomegranate is therefore generally very resistant that does not require special phytopharmacies, the only ""treatment"" that is made against aphids is the nebulization of ecological soft soap and water. Our products are vegan, gluten -free, lactose -free, without additives or preservatives. We take care of the whole production process: from the flowering of the pomegranates to the collection of the fruit, from the squeezing to the production of products containing very high quantities of juice (50-100%) at territorial workshops of trusted close to our company. Our liqueurs are appreciated and used for the preparation of cocktails, by the barman Ettore Diana, known in the Mixology world as one of the most eclectic Italian barmen. A fame due to his books, his prizes, his successes as the title of world champion in the race that is held among the best specialists in the sector of 70 countries every year. Diana is the holder of nine Guinness World Records. The fundamental principles that we move are: passion, respect for the environment and innovation. The key phrase of our company is ""the art of knowing how to cultivate with love""



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Amaro D'Ambra with pomegranate (Alc. 30% Vol.) 50% of juice

  • - Pomegranate liqueur (Alc. 17% Vol.) 50% juice

  • - Terra D'Amuri liqueur (Alc. 18% Vol.) pomegranate and almond

  • - Jams & Jams

  • - Pomegranate and mandarin jams, pomegranate nectar

  • - MultiBenefit (100% pomegranate juice)

  • - Sicilian broad bean pesto

  • - Flavored Condiments

  • - Pomegranate Vinegar


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