Azienda agrituristica Biologica Tenuta Lacco

Azienda agrituristica Biologica Tenuta Lacco

Tenuta Lacco is a family -run farmer, located in a hill of the Sicilian municipality Rod㬠milici (me), which overlooks the blue sea of ​​the Aeolian archipelago and on the intense green of the neighboring mountains, including Etna. The founder and current owner is Antonino Calderone, a man with a great passion for nature and strong entrepreneurial spirit, who wanted to enhance his territory creating Tenuta Lacco in 2008. Antonino and his wife, eager to reinvent himself and give life to a Project to be able to transfer to their daughters, acquired a modest plot of land in which, after years of sacrifices, Lacco was born. The entire family is an active part of the company; Each member, with their own commitment, their ideas and intuitions, has helped to give life to this project. The company extends for about 20 hectares; 11 of which are intended for the cultivation of lives, citrus fruits and olive trees according to biological cultivation practices. All in order to eliminate the use of phytopharmacies and chemical fertilizers, keep the quality of the products high and preserve the territory. Tenuta Lacco conceives agriculture as an asset for the environment; Hence the choice to be born as a certified biological company.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Sicilian organic red wine Mamertino DOC

  • - Sicilian organic white Mamertino DOC wine

  • - Sicilian organic oranges

  • - Sicilian organic lemons

  • - Sicilian organic mandarins

  • - Sicilian organic EVO oil


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