From the luxuriant promontory above Salemi, the Alicia Liquori was born, founded in November 2003 by the passion of the winemaker Vincenzo Distefano and today carried on with so much pride and dedication from his loved ones. The winemaker, moved by the desire to create a product with a unique and inimitable flavor, which contained all the flavors and perfumes of his beloved land, gave birth to the bitter bitter monte polyiz. An exclusive mixture of 30 herbs and spices from all over the world for a unique taste that derives from the constant use of the original recipe. All 30 herbs and bitter roots, of which the main ones are sweet oranges of Sicily, love oranges of Curaã§ao, starry anise and cardamom, are clinically selected, weighed, reduced to powder for the extraction of the aromas, following severe procedures monitoring and analysis. The extracts thus obtained are mixed with alcohol and caramelized sugar. The recipe is still the same and secret, which continues its course today through the use of the most contemporary production techniques. The bitter Mount Polizo is appreciated all over the world thanks to its lovable and balanced flavor. These are the characteristics that make this bitterness a product of excellence and high quality that does not fear comparison. The products of the company are in addition to the well -known bitterness, ""Licorã¬"" (licorice liqueur) and ""Lemoncello di Sicilia"". Innovative and original licar long with a unique flavor for the decisive personality obtained from the infusion of natural licorice extract in alcohol. Lemonello di Sicilia liqueur obtained from the infusion of biologically grown lemons of lemons and matured in the warm Sicily sun which gives the product an unmistakable color and an intense perfume



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Amaro Monte Polizo

  • - Lemonello di Sicilia "Monte Polizo"

  • - Licorì liquorice liqueur


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