Carmelo Grippaldi Master Distiller della Ficodì Srl Sicilian Spirits & Co. at the beginning was only a liqueur, then became the brand of a company: Ficodì! Our history began in '98, in a pretty country of the Sicilian hinterland, Gagliano Castelferrato, when the intuition, determination and passion of a young entrepreneur, were essential and decisive to ensure that, from the first and authentic liqueur of Ficodinia characterized by an exclusive formulation and by the nobility of its aftertaste, Ficodì was born, a company that, shortly thereafter, would have revolutionized the Sicilian Liquor tradition. Ficodì has high quality orchards cultivated with balance and in full respect of a territory characterized by the alternation of green hills and harsh hills. The harvest, intended for the production of all spirits is transformed and packaged by a company that thanks to the combination of only natural ingredients, gives life to the products that have become the emblem of the Mediterranean flavors, increasingly appreciated and recognized for their uniqueness! The world of spirits seen by those who produce high quality products. Distillates: gin, vodka, grappa, brandy. The liqueurs, obtained for cold distillation cars, to the mixtures with hydroalcolic infusions, the bitters, from hydroalcoholic mixtures to alchemical infusions. Each product a fundamental feature that distinguishes it, but there is a single element that unites them. The naturalness of raw materials. Ficodì Sicilian spirits & co, was created to educate to responsible and quality consumption of the spirits. Through simple but rigid production protocols, a goal is placed: ""Drinking responsibly with taste"".



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Natural bitters with IGP ethna lemon without dyes

  • - liqueur creams with cream/milk and natural Sicilian infusions

  • - liqueurs with typical Sicilian natural extracts

  • - Liqueurs with natural infusions typical of the Nebrodi territory

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