Falegnamelia was born from a passion that I have always had, that for wood, but always set aside for sports commitments that have always engaged me for most of my time. In 2021 I decided to dedicate myself full time to this passion by opening my carpentry laboratory. I work exclusively the solid wood, mainly wood discarded by the industry for defects, my work is enhancing these defects making my products unique. Each piece is different from the other because each process is performed manually. With Falegnamelia I am committed to keeping the tradition of Italian carpentry alive alive giving life to unique pieces


Zuhause und Möbel

Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Lighting

  • - Handmade wooden lamps

  • - Handmade wooden paintings

  • - Wooden ornaments

  • - Kitchen and table

  • - Handmade wooden cutting board

  • - Furnishing accessories

  • - Watches

  • - Candle holder


Recycelte Produkte