The Brewery The Mediterranean Brewery was born in Carbonia in February 2016, from the will of Francesco Spanu, entrepreneur in the wine and nautical sector. The idea arises from the passion and obstinate desire for knowledge of the varied world of craft beers and Sardinian quality. The meeting with the two brewers was important. Antonio Matzei and Ottavio Naseddu, who strong in the experience previously gained with another well -known brewery of their own ownership, decide to make themselves available. The love for quality, respect for raw materials and entrepreneurial skills united the intent of the protagonists, making the spark of the ""Mediterranean Brewery"" project arise. Creating craft beer is a long and fascinating journey through the alchemy of nature and requires wisdom, passion, experience, humility, study and intuition. The first step is the selective research of raw materials of quality. A beer is a beer until ... ""then the careful weighing of all the ingredients takes place, the accurate grinding of the malt, which will then be mixed with water and other cereals, for the creation of the beer must through transformation Of the starches present in the barley malt, in fermentable and non -fermentable sugars. The filtered must is then separated from the trebbies and brought to boiling, a phase in which hops takes place (which affects the bitterness and the final aroma of the beer), then it is centrifuged, cooled and finally transferred to the fermentation and maturation vats. The oxygenation of the must and the inoculus of the yeast are a delicate and fundamental passage. The yeast will then transform fermentable sugars into carbon dioxide and alcohol. The entire phase of the product production, up to the relative transfer, has a duration of 6/8 hours. Then follows the important phase of activity in the Tino Dl fermentation, for a period that varies from 3 to 7 days, in which primary fermentation takes place and most of the sugars are transformed. The beer, which from this moment we can define as such, continues the fermentation for another two weeks and then move on to the ripens, where it will remain for a few weeks before being conditioned. Each beer needs its own times and precautions, based on its characteristics, the style and the beer technique. All these procedures, coordinated and carefully treated by the brewers, take place under supervision and continuous checks. With the new newly built system (2022) there is a production capacity DL 3000 LT daily, with a fermentation-matching cellar DL 40 000 liters. The continuous experimentation of new beers with the insertion of fruits, herbs and spices of Sardinia is expected.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Majora-Stile of inspiration: American IPA, Alcoholic degree: 6.5 ° C, color: orange-service service: 6.8 ° C

  • - Description: India Pale Ale produced with a generous quantity of American hops that give notes of tropical fruit and citrus fruits

  • - ISPANA: style of inspiration: blanche, alcoholic degree: 5 ° C, color: straw, service temperature: 6.8 ° C Description: Chiara spiced beer with coriander and orange peels. Dry and little bitter

  • - Mediterranea

  • -

  • -

  • - STYLE D inspiration: Pale Ale

  • - Alcoholic degree: 5 ° C

  • - Color: Golden

  • - Temperature DL Service: 6

  • - 8 ° C

  • -

  • - Description: Simple and tasty beer.

  • - Kindly hopped.

  • - With dry cut ee Floral.

  • - Fruit and resinous aromatic.

  • -

  • -

  • - Category: Pale Ale

  • - Birbosa: style of inspiration: Italian Grape Ale, alcoholic degree: 6.2 ° C, color: golden, service temperature: 8

  • - 10 ° C, description: beer produced with the addition of must of white grapes on the base Diuna Belgian Ale characterized by a great freshness and fruity and floral notes

  • - Road in three bottle cardboard

  • - Of inspiration of inspiration: Imperial Porter, alcoholic degree: 7 ° C, color: impenetrable black, service temperature: 6.8 ° C Description: dark beer with a good body and persistent taste. Coffee and chocolate with long and various shades