The history of the Brau company, located in the countryside of Oroelli Piccolo Borgo in the province of Nuoro in the harsh and generous lands of Barbagia, has its roots in the past. The experience in the processing of dairy products has been handed down from generation to generation and still continues family -run. Braufram is the natural evolution of ancient knowledge of breeding and making quality cheeses, with high nutritional properties. We particularly care about the well -being of our animals from which the high quality of the milk derives, our cheeses still retain the unique flavor and the taste characteristics of our pasture, handed down according to the traditions of the past. Our mission is to keep the territory on to which they graze and from which we spread the aromas in our dairy products.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Sheep cheeses

  • - Sardinian pecorino cheese various seasoning

  • - Vaccine cheeses

  • - Caciotta and Filata Pasta (Sardinian caciocavallo)


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