Funky Drop Calabrian artisan Brewery born to bring together the culture of the world of craft beer in the glass and the immediate pleasure of the drink the four ""souls"" of Funky Drop Domenico, Demetrio, Pietro and Angelo have long attend the world of good drinking In the province of Reggio Calabria and have made it a profession: who as manager of clubs, some as a sommeliers, restaurateur or brewer. It is from their encounter around a pint and the common passion for quality beer that a project of wide vision conceived to cross the boundaries of the region is born and project the flavors of a very contemporary Calabria on the international brassish scene. Production philosophy our productions range between low and high fermentations, creating a transversal path that winds through German -style beers, such as our Keller and creations that wink at the British, American and Belgian styles, like our IPA, Stout, our Scotch Ale, our Saison. Depending on the style and characteristics of the beer that we want to produce, we carefully select hops and malts by favoring Italian raw materials and seizing the best opportunities of the foreign market: the goal is to obtain beers consistent with the style of origin, enriched by our taste And from our Brassicola experience. Aspromontana non -maltate rye, fresh bergamot, carob, are just some of the elements that make our beers linked indissoluble to the land from which we come. But do not misunderstand this attachment to the territory for reactionary nostalgia: we Funkydropper love to innovate! Producing craft beer, for us, means dedicating passion and attention to the entire production process from the elaboration of the recipe to the selection of raw materials, from crush to fermentation, respecting the maturation times of the product before packaging, to guarantee to all those who Our beers will be the certainty of pouring into the glass not only authenticity and passion but also the competence that we have gained over the years of career behind the cooked rooms and the staple systems.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Box of beer cans 4 - 12 - 24 pieces

  • - single can of 0.33 cl

  • - Ambrata craftsmanship

  • - Blonde craft beer

  • - Handcrafted beer on the plug

  • - Dark craft beer

  • - White craft beer


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