On the slopes of the Etna volcano, in Sicily, Iss cultivates saffron, fingerlime, various spices and fruit trees etc ..., produces and markets innovative and high quality products that inebriate the five senses of pleasure ... we cultivate according to the More ancient traditions and without chemical additives, obtaining raw materials, which respect the production cycle of nature obtaining unique quality organoleptics in its kind due to the presence of the presentation on the soil of the Etna volcano, the mild climate and the marine breeze .. the subjects Thus obtained, they are marketed or transformed into high -end products, resorting to the collaboration of third parties and obtaining artisan liqueurs for direct infusion, handcrafted panettone with saffron, jam at 65% of fruit and saffron, herbal teas and 100% dried fruit pastes to give voice to a wellness line.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Craft saffron liqueur

  • - Fingerlime artisan liqueur

  • - Coffee craftsmanship and herbs

  • - Tea leaves

  • - 100% spreadable pistachio and hazelnut creams

  • - Orange jams and finger lime

  • - Mandarini and saffron jam

  • - Cedar jam and saffron

  • - Craft saffron panettone and saffron petals

  • - Pistachio artisan panettone

  • - Tisana with saffron petals

  • - Tisana Red Etna

  • - Bonne Nuit Tisana

  • - Saffron in pistils


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