Criscenti, Artigiani del Gusto

Criscenti, Artigiani del Gusto

It all started with the desire, passion and perseverance by young Brontese who decide to pursue their dream in the drawer, the realization of a laboratory of sweetness ... and so it is that in 2021 it was born in Sicily, in Bronte, Criscenti "" Artisans of taste "", an innovative project that aims to the future of pastry. We call ourselves so because at the basis of our baking products we exclusive use of the living mother yeast, in Sicilian called ""U Criscenti"", the main ingredient, which through the long leavening (up to 36 hours), give the products the following properties : natural lightness, balance in taste, softness and digestibility even in the absence of preservatives. It is fundamental and of primary importance for us the artisanal processing, the use of the best raw materials that we select daily, choosing the agri -food excellence that our vast territory offers us.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Biscuits and Pastries

  • - Cannoli

  • - Chocolate panettone

  • - Pistachio panettone

  • - Classic Milanese panettone

  • - Cakes

  • - Other Desserts: Spreadable Creams


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