Frantoio Oleario Foddi Fiorenzo Eredi s.n.c.

Frantoio Oleario Foddi Fiorenzo Eredi s.n.c.
The history of the Foddi Fiorenzo Fiorenzo S.n.c .. began in the 1950s, when the ""Uncle Nicolò"" had the idea of ​​giving life to an ancient oil mill that has now disused. Years later Dad Fiorenzo renewed it completely, and in 1991 the heirs continued the renewal process, combining the ancient traditions with the most modern technologies for the collection, production and conservation of the product. Since 2007, in the new headquarters, the oil mill has been equipped with modern plants that works the olives at controlled temperature by extracting the ""cold"" oil, monitoring throughout the process of transforming the sensitive parameters of the product allows us to obtain an oil superior quality. The product thus obtained, is preserved in stainless steel tanks in conditioned environments, to bring all the authenticity of an oil characterized by the perfume and the typical hints of our land arrive on your tables. The Oliveti farm mainly of the black cultivar of Gonnos, with plants of the pitz'e Cardroga and Semidana cultivar, inherited from the grandparents, are kept and cultivated with love and passion for Sisinnio, which has associated the ancient methods of cultivation with modern Cultural techniques. What we do the extra virgin olive oil produced by us is obtained from the frankcture of local olives of the ""Black of Gonnos"" cultivar, whose etymology refers to the territory of Gonnosfanadiga whose area is one of the areas with the greatest concentration of this variety. From this cultivar, with excellent properties such as: very uniform size, high pulp/hazel ratio, excellent organoleptic properties, we obtain an oil with an intense yellow-green and low acidity color, which at the tasting has a green or high green/high green Intensity with perfumes decided by cut grass, artichoke and thistle. On the palate it presents itself pleasantly sweet with the bitterness and the spicy in the right balance and of good intensity; These characteristics nor make an ideal raw condiment on soups, meats and fish. Strengths our family produces superior quality extra virgin olive oil, cold squeezed, Italian %; By preferring exclusively local olives of the ""black gonnos"" autochthonous cultivar, following all the production phases ""from the tree to the bottle"" directly: - we cultivate with love and passion our olive plants of our farm - we select and squeeze the olives In our oil mill by checking all the sensitive parameters to obtain a higher quality oil - we check and supervise the bottling and packaging phases that take place in our establishment therefore we have the possibility to intervene directly at each production phase to obtain maximum quality. The teachings of our fathers have allowed us to combine traditional procedures with the most modern technologies for the collection, production and conservation of the product. Frantoians for three generations, and cultivators who have always been; With the passion and sacrifice that only those who work the earth know.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Gift packs composed of 250 ml bottles of mixed condiments

  • - Bottles of extra virgin olive oil

  • - ""Foddi"" extra virgin olive oil pack in tin pack

  • - Drinks based on extra virgin olive oil flavored with chili pepper, garlic, rosemary, myrtle, juniper, orange and lemon

  • - Olive in brine


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