De Angel Ibiza Sapone Natural

De Angel Ibiza Sapone Natural

De Angel Ibiza is a family-run company of artisans, engaged in the production mainly of cosmetic cleaning of the body in solid format. Using natural ingredients we obtain a high quality product that provides important benefits for the skin, however in medium environmental impact. They elaborate, cut and pack exclusively by hand, which gives this perceptible imprint that differentiates the craftsman from the industrialist. Ibiza, the sea that surrounds them and its Mediterranean vegetation inspire them in all their recipes. History in 2011, Luz and Ramón, tired of living in the city, decided to start a new Ibiza stage with their children. After spending a hard summer, it is after an informal conversation on natural soap with a family member, when both see the possibility of developing all their potential in a complete way unknown to them, which imagined at least ... romantic. Luz, always attracted to crafts, and Ramón, dedicated to graphics, form to start a great team for this project. They discover the beauty of the island of Ibiza in winter, which also provides them to be inspired countless ingredients to be used in your recipes. They begin to experiment with wild plants, essential and vegetable oils, infusions, juices, clays and spend their time with enthusiasm discovering and learning to the world they did not know but that day after day they find more and more exciting. When spring arrived they already had several good recipes and a beautiful handmade package and ... no customer. So during the summer they take advantage of the renowned worldwide markets of Ibiza (Las Dalias, Sant Joan, Hippie Punta Arabí market), from where they begin to be known. They soon receive congratulations from customers who encourage them to continue to develop a quality product that continue to produce and distribute today from their workshop shop.


Gesundheit und Schönheit

Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Solid soaps

  • - Natural soap/ Rosemary

  • - Natural soap/ Lavender

  • - Natural soap/ Peppermint and lemon

  • - Natural soap/ Coconut milk and honey

  • - Loofah scrub soap

  • - Dry hair shampoo

  • - Oily hair shampoo

  • - Solid conditioner

  • - Sea sponges

  • - Lavender Sacks

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