Azienda Agricola La Collina

Azienda Agricola La Collina

Our farmhouse La Collina, in Pineto (Te) from the secret recipe book of Nonna Adelia, the typical Abruzzo sweets with ancient grains, just like those of the past ... that of our farm is a history that starts from afar. From far away. And today we want to tell it to let you know our ""why"". Today you can see Nonna Anna, during the collection of tomatoes or tell of threshing in her time, in our videos on Facebook or YouTube. These tools, which at the time of Trisnonna Adelia were not even imaginable. Yet it all started with her, without any technological artifice. Everything started from his secret who saved us from the end. The donuts, biscuits, tarts of our online shop - which we prepare in our kitchens with antique grains flour - come from the skilled hands of grandmother Adelia. From the times when the products on the table suffered the war and the poverty of the countryside, and told the signs of the calls on the hands, the back pain of the farmers. And my grandmother Adelia, my mom Luisa's grandmother, made us a boundless and unexpected wealth. A heritage re -emerged from the dust in one of the hardest moments of our family and our farm, which today also lives thanks to her. Family La Collina Nonna Anna while I knead we take a step back ... to 1982, when grandfather Pasquale and grandmother Anna founded their farm, a farm in Pineto, in the province of Teramo, with fifteen hectares of land that served to produce oil and wine , plus a few small breeding of goats and sheep. He had five children, the Pasquale grandfather, of whom three males: Bruno, Silvestro and Antonio. They always worked together, collecting the fruits of the lush Abruzzo countryside and their farms. Until 2000, the year in which the farm and the fifteen hectares of the land of grandfather Pasquale were divided into three equal parts. Bruno, my father, inherited his portion of land, finding himself in a short time in his hands an invaluable treasure. In addition to what she already had, Mamis's love. And they lived happily ever after? No…! Always with a great passion for cooking, in 2006 my mother launched the idea of ​​combining farm and kitchen, and opening us to the public to start selling the products of our land. And so the work was divided between my father, who lived his passion for the land and the countryside, and my mother who spent entire days kneading sweets and preparing dishes from every Foggia, with her huge love for the kitchen. A love handed down, to tell the truth, of the oven in the oven, because Nonna Adelia also had a great passion for desserts. Those handmade by her, courted by her large family and the inhabitants of the country. In those years in which to eat, and eat in a certain way, it was not as obvious as today, it was seen as a kind of ""Santona"". His desserts, his dishes, although humble were works of art that came out of the oven to the good one that could be afforded. Works of art that were born from creativity, experimentation and a pinch of ... I can't say what. But I know that today I can savor it in my mom's recipes. The La Collina Anna and Luisa Company while kneading and it was those recipes that changed our life ... Years have passed since the days of Nonna Adelia, yet she, my mother, has been able to keep that something that was once in the typical home cookies. That mixture of flavors leavened with patience and love. That magical formula that seems almost impossible to find in today's kitchens, where everything is more hasty, the fastest yeasts, the most elaborate sugars, the most polluted air, the abused chemical preservatives. The magic, the one that surprises you without notice, was hidden in a book that grandmother Adelia, she who seemed to have foreseen the future and the hard times of our family, stretched in secret, sheltered from prying eyes and smart hands. Only at the drop of the day, and after the best recipes. It all started from the sale of mozzarella to my uncle. The people of the country came to know and in a short time many requests for bread, biscuits and other typical products arrived. It was at that point that we decided to take advantage of the moment and to start the ""La Collina"" farm, with the production and sale in the regional markets also of preserves, juices, desserts and biscuits. We literally built the laboratory piece by piece, with so much effort and little money to invest. My father was then the carpenter. I remember that he brought the tiles, which are now accompanied by the laboratory, from a hotel to which the pavement had been wrong, and that they had had to dismantle. We thought that was the beginning of a great dream and great well -being, but instead it was the beginning of enormous difficulties that threw us on the ground. The laboratory produced, yes, but for some reason that we could not understand, the sales activity did not go as it had to go. It was tiring, unnatural, sought at all costs. When you have a product that works, and you are showing it to those interested, you feel everything smooth and without forcing. Jam on rusks here, our products did not have what we wanted to give people lacked that more something that did not remain impressed in the heart. The emotion was missing, perhaps, there were already passion and skill, but the ""ingredient"" that distinguishes and makes it unique was missing. And in short, you want because the prophecies self -test, you want because you are worseing the more worse it is, as the months passed the sales fell more and more. And in a short time we all found ourselves sitting at the kitchen table, having to make an important decision on our future. The Assogna farm, opened by grandfather Pasquale, the activity that for almost thirty years animated our family, risked incinerating, not to exist anymore. That evening it was one of those in which family meetings are particularly tense, intense, nervous, in which we look at each other with the eyes that speak, without being able to say the so feared words: ""We have to close!"" My father with his head in his hands, my mother who tried to drive tears to thought alone. Disconsolate, but now determined to start the whole, he went down to the cellar where we kept the documents of the farm. Once in front of the shelf, he noticed an old chest set aside in a corner of the room, all covered with dust. It was a shiny oak trunk that no one had been opened for years. My mother still today tells that for the sadness of the moment she felt a strong desire to open it to rummage among the old memories she thought she was. But he didn't even find a faded photo in there! Still today he smiles moving on to the memory of that evening, of when in the light of the torch he had brought with him he saw a black libriccino stored on the bottom, with a tightened leather cover from a worn lacce. And this time he really cried, without frustrating his tears, when he found himself in front of the dense and handwritten pages with the ink. He couldn't believe his eyes! His feeling was immediately that of a random encounter. And with this energy he returned to, in the kitchen, where we all had remained, to warn my father of the discovery he had made. GIORGIO ASSSROGN - Company La Collina will be that when we are in a difficult moment, and we receive a nice surprise, unexpected, we like it and console us to think that it comes from heaven. My father took the libricino looking at my mother with a tired look, off. But on each page that turned, something changed in his eyes. That booklet was none other than the old recipe book of grandmother Adelia, directly from the last century: artisanal tarts of apricots, cocoa donuts, fig jams and black cherries, almond biscuits ... all written by the hands of Trisnonna. Our ""because"" we found it that evening, everyone agrees that this was the sign that we should try again, that the last hope was in our hands. Against all evidence, but with so much strength and trust, we let it was Nonna Adelia who said the last word about our destiny. Today after almost twenty years since that evening ... we can thank that recipe book hidden for years for giving us inspiration to continue. Today our farm has more than 20,000 people satisfied throughout Italy by foods prepared with those ancient recipes that list only natural and genuine ingredients, without preservatives, dyes or other chemicals that can alter their flavors or properties. Over time we have enriched the experience of the fields, studied foods and explored other combinations to give way to everyone, even to intolerant, to be able to taste the Abruzzo specialties. The desire to experiment remains alive and on looking at the food of the future, always open to the productions that will satisfy the needs and desires of the people who choose us. It is no coincidence that the lines without milk and eggs were born, those with ancient grains such as the solina flour and the red grain that, among other excellent properties, contain low quantities of gluten. We use wheat of our production, entrust its transformation to trusted mills and cover the remaining needs by purchasing exclusively Italian wheat. Eggs, extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, fruit, are some of the products that come from the work of our lands, among the Abruzzo hills, to be transformed into condiments, preserves, jams: the real Abruzzo flavors of Once we decided to bring to our online shop. 15 years after that fateful 2006, the La Collina farm proposes, from the secret recipe book of Nonna Adelia, the typical Abruzzo sweets such as those baked in the kitchens of the past, with the flavor of the tradition that remains in your heart. Woodwill oven The hill orders and receives the Abruzzo craft products with the save freshness treatment you know what you eat, where the raw materials, ways and times of realization come from ... on our online shop you can order and quickly receive the Abruzzo craft products, genuine and tasty, made as once in each phase of the production process. For you who buy online we have thought of a save freshness treatment, which requires only a little patience, but which will repay you in taste. It works like this: as soon as you put in the cart what you prefer and terms the purchase, when it comes to desserts and tarts, we set in motion to start production and send you your favorite products just made within 5/6 working days , including shipping. This also allows us to give the right attention to the specific line of biscuits without milk and without eggs in the variants of flour, ancient grains, ""00"" and wholemeal flour. Timing and freshness guaranteed for online purchases and in the markets white bread, cereals, wholemeal and all the production of salty is cooked strictly in the wood oven, the process begins at night until the supplies greet the ovens ready for the first destination , regional markets. In the morning we continue to knead, fill and bake for buffets, birthday parties, personalized gifts and for online reservations. Are you hungry for products made of local ingredients, tasty and genuine even in variants without milk and eggs? 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