7 Nodi

7 Nodi
7 knots opens in May 2016 but the ""black"" notebooks, for many years, had infiltrated a famous Roman shop of fine arts, I was able to can be able to make fun with sheets of art printing paper. The notebooks have always fascinated me and I did it handcrafted already as a boy but I would never have imagined that this passion would have transformed not only into an activity, but also into a lifestyle, for me and my partner Paola. A anecdote. .. To bind the notebook I use a marine node consisting of 7 knots, for this reason the laboratory is called this. Today however we no longer create only notebooks, but also personalized works such as company gadgets, packaging and wedding participations. Of course we have many types of greeting tickets and, then, extravagances such as the world map, the cactus to be mounted or the earrings all exclusively on paper, but above all we hope to be able to hide a small emotion within each of them. I realized that the public chooses us when a special spark takes place, there are no half measures. It can be an aesthetic suggestion, an intellectual affinity, the passion for paper or see us the special gift for someone. In fact, one might really say that the most appreciated articles are those in which we have managed better in the intent to give an emotion. If I can give an example, we have a greeting card, the best-selling, it is the pop-up of a birthday cake and contains a candle covered with wax which is then mounted on the cake. When I explain to a client that the candle can be turned on and that lasts the time necessary to sing best wishes to the birthday boy, he usually makes an indescribable expression then smiles and buys it but in reality he is buying the thrill of a small surprise. Another article among the best -selling are the paper earrings, also in this case, the purchase has a highly emotional basis usually a special occasion to wear them or a friend to make a gift to. In the 7 -knots laboratory it is produced handcrafted and passionately. In fact, the production is essentially manual and the organization of work is strongly artisanal even if the tools can be technologically advanced. However, there is not only production. A fundamental aspect of our work is the creation and design of the products, the aesthetic research for a language made of cards and the innovation that in our case translates into devising the systems that allow to decrease the cost of our products or improve eco -sustainability. In fact, eco -sustainability is an important element for 7 knots. It starts from the raw material, the cards, all equipped with the most severe environmental certifications, then the choice to use water -based ink finally the processing techniques. We prefer the interlocking of the paper and the seam to avoid glue, our Christmas balls are the most significant example because they are made up of small tensile structures of stuck on the meridians and sewn to the poles. We avoid the plasticification as possible because we do not believe that plastic can ennoble the paper and then we try to intervene also on the packaging for example in the map of paper the box the box turns into the base that supports it for which with zero impact. For the future we want to continue to be craftsmen with passion and respect for the environment and for customers by creating, innovating and always making new products, more and more surprising. At the same time we want to change and mature as a company, build a distribution network and perhaps make our products known also abroad, acquire skills on the reference market and work on the brand recognition.


Zuhause und Möbel,Schmuck,Freizeit und Kreativität.

Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Christmas balls

  • - Calendar

  • - Three -dimensional squares

  • - paper cactus

  • - Paper earrings

  • - Greeting tickets

  • - Notebooks


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