La Dispensa di San Salvatore

La Dispensa di San Salvatore
In the heart of the Cilento National Park, between the countries of Stio, Paestum and Giugano, the San Salvatore 1988 farm was born as a tribute to Cilento and the millennial history that this land bears with it. The largest protected area in Italy, National Park since 1977, Biosphere Reserve and UNESCO Heritage with the archaeological areas of Paestum, Elea-Velia and with the Certosa di Padula. Here the culture of food has its roots in ancient knowledge. In this land the first medical school of the entire western world was born, the forerunner of the Salernitana medical school: the Eleatic philosophical school, according to which food is much more than a simple tool to satisfy a primary need but is rather a culture, sociality and above all Welfare. According to this approach, the man is at the center of an ecosystem of which he is never master but only part. By studying the lifestyle of the Cilento population, the world -renowned cardiologist Ancel Keys coined for the very first time the Mediterranean Diet expression. And it is precisely on the bank of this culture that, when the San Salvatore farm was founded, the production approach was from the beginning to EU biological certification and with biodynamic processes and preparations. For the same reason San Salvatore 1988 is completely zero impact, thanks to two photovoltaic systems and a biogas system, which produces energy starting from the manure of the hoaxes, thus managing to produce 1,800,000 kW of energy per year. To date, San Salvatore 1988 extends for about 149 total hectares that include vineyards, orchards, woods and arable land. The wine sector is one of the strengths of San Salvatore 1988, with a production that has allowed the company to receive important international prizes: from the Decanter Award to the three Gambero Rosso glasses, and to be published in magazines such as The Guardian, La Repubblica , Panorama and Elle Japan. Among the best known wines of the company stands out ""tribute to Gillo Dorfles"", a Aglianico reserve which is also a piece of contemporary art considered that each vintage has a label created by the artist Gillo Dorfles and given to the founder of San Salvatore, Giuseppe Pagano, as a symbol of friendship and esteem. Twelve hectares of the company are instead dedicated to Oliveto, positioned in the area of ​​the enchanting village of Stio, where the oil with which the company has received the ""Sirena d'Oro"" prize is produced.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Bufala milk mozzarella

  • - Bufala milk ricotta

  • - Primosal of buffalo milk

  • - White buffalo milk yogurt

  • - apricot buffalo milk yogurt

  • - strawberry buffalo yogurt

  • - Yogurt with honey buffalo milk

  • - Cereal buffalo milk yogurt

  • - Cilento's cilento white buffalo milk yogurt

  • - Aglianic grape milk yogurt yogurt

  • - Limone buffalo milk yoghurt in cocoa and hazelnut

  • - creamy buffalo milk in vanilla

  • - creamy cappuccino buffalo milk creamy

  • - FUSLONONI DURA DURA Senator Cappelli wheat

  • - Macaroni Stairs Durre Senatore Cappelli CHEATOR

  • - Packages Roomed by Durre Senator Senator Cappelli

  • - Packages Futting Durre Senatore Chapels Durre Capelli

  • - Short Cilento Cilento Burgling Senator Senator Cappelli

  • - Senator Senator Chapels Spaghetti Capelli

  • - Ziti Long Cilentani Durum wheat Senator Cappelli

  • - Box Sele

  • - Box Fiano

  • - Fichi Box

  • - Box Dorfles

  • - Box Gillo

  • - Box Velia

  • - Box Stio

  • - Box Cilento

  • - Box Gioi

  • - Box Paestum

  • - Panettone at the must of fiano

  • - Pandorato panettone

  • - Gioì Spumante Brut Rosé Millesimato

  • - Vetere IGP Paestum Rosato - Limited Edition

  • - Vetere PGI Paestum Rosato

  • - Falanghina PGI Campania

  • - Palinure PGI Paestum White

  • - Thirty -eight PGI Paestum Fiano

  • - CALPAZIO IGP Paestum Greek

  • - Ceceral IGP Paestum Fiano

  • - Pian di Stio IGP Paestum Fiano

  • - Elea IGP Paestum Greek

  • - Pino di Stio PGI Paestum Red Bio

  • - Gillo Dorfles IGP Paestum Aglianico

  • - Corleto PGI Paestum Aglianico

  • - Jungano IGP Paestum Aglianico

  • - Ceraso PGI Paestum Aglianico

  • - Concert liqueur

  • - Limoncello

  • - Finocchie liqueur

  • - Basil liqueur

  • - Rocket liqueur

  • - Licorice liqueur

  • - Mandarin liqueur

  • - Apple liqueur

  • - Nocino liqueur

  • - Fico liqueur


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