il Miele dei Roncs

il Miele dei Roncs
Our honey takes its name from the wonderful place in which we live, the Roncons, a plot in the heart of the Val thing in Castelnovo del Friuli. We produce permanent beekeeping honey such as Robinia, Millefiori and chestnut and nomadic honey chasing the blooms of rare botanists in areas as unspoiled and wild as possible. The variety of blooms and landscapes of Friuli Venezia Giulia allow our bees to bottle on flowers other than high mountain hills, only in this way can we create our rare and precious honey collection produced in limited quantities to guarantee pure and genuine honey in each jar. In fact, our honey does not suffer any industrial treatment and it is as the wings produced it



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - 100% Italian artisan raw honey

  • - Carnea Erica Miele

  • - Lampone honey

  • - Melle honey

  • - Honey of Val d'Arzino

  • - Honey of Once upon a time

  • - Brassica Honey

  • - Tarassaco Honey

  • - Millefiori Honey of the Tagliamento

  • - Honey of Friendous Amorpha

  • - Millefiori Honey

  • - Castagno Honey

  • - Acacia Honey

  • - Honey linden

  • - Candles and Crafts Crades in Be API wax

  • -


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