Le targhe di Cip

Le targhe di Cip
Mc Siviero Srl is a third generation artisan company active since 1966 in the metal carpentry sector. Thanks to the passion of the Siviero family, the company, born in a small chicken coop, developed and increased, with the sacrifices and love that led her to innovate and create the different sectors of carpentry, laser cut and construction of roofs and greenhouses. Mc Siviero has always been characterized by the desire to reinvent himself and improve, after Lockdown, he heard a new need, that of developing a project called ""Cip's plates"", together with a Valle d'Aosta Fabbro as well as a great friend. Cip was born from the need to return to manual skills, to the ""game of iron"" in which to handle a unique material for features and nuances such as the corten, from which to bring out territoriality, fantasy and joy lost in such a difficult moment. Thus the animals of CIPs are produced, typical animals of the Piedmontese territory drawn with care, designed, laser cut in this wonderful material such as the corten ... but why stop the imagination? Cip plates develop on commission laser -cut tatters into corten, stainless steel and why not even hand painted !! From here wonderful ibexes are born, chamois squirrels up to customized objects such as watches, paintings, keychain and opening. In a nutshell, thanks to the iron we try to give shape to your ideas.


Zuhause und Möbel,Freizeit und Kreativität.

Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Corten and stainless steel balls cut into laser

  • - Crime -cut cribs in Corten

  • - Hand painted plates also on commission

  • - Decorative plates in Corten laser cut

  • - Customizable Civic numbers

  • - Customizable stainless steel operations

  • - Customizable keychain

  • - Crib cut into corten laser

  • - Various subjects cut into laser

  • - Corten and Inox watches that can be customized on commission

  • - Crime -cut paintings in Corten

  • - Laser -cut Corten ibex

  • - Sagome depicting the Piedmontese Laser -cut fauna

  • - Crime -cut deer in laser

  • - Laser -cut Corten Scoiatt