Italiana Terricci

Italiana Terricci
Italiana Terricci is the reference manufacturer for the supply of land and substrates for parks, gardens, vegetable gardens, terraces, sports fields, fittings and green areas. Each phase of development and processing is oriented to respect these fundamental values, from the choice of raw materials to the techniques of vigtering, up to the transport and final delivery. We combine quality, innovation and sustainability, developing a wise operation of circular economy. Our land was chosen for the 2015 Expo pavilions (Great Britain, Poland, Hungary, Cluster Riso & Cacao) as well as for important research institutes and primary accommodation facilities.


Freizeit und Kreativität.,La casa innovativa,Servizi per la casa,Zuhause und Möbel

Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - land supply

  • - Supply of substrates for parks, gardens, vegetable gardens, terraces

  • - Green settings and areas

  • - Supply of substrates for sports fields

  • - Supply of substrates for terraces


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