Our history dates back to 1835 when our Avo Marino Fossati opened a poster-Osteria-Trainer shop in the hamlet of Bareggia, in whose conduction son Carlo participated (from which the current owner of family activities took the name). And it was precisely ""Nonno Carlo"" who in 1878 extended the activity to the resale of ""Sali and Tabacchi"" subject to monopoly of the then young state. And in those years the further expansion to the grain trade took place in those years. Arrived in 1900, we Fossati extended the activity to Lissone-Centro where we opened an oven for the production of bread and in 1905 we built the building in via Enrico Toti in Bareggia, modernizing the previous shop to which Salumeria and a new oven was added for bread. All under the aegis of grandfather Carlo Fossati. At his side was his son Ambrogio (called Fiorino), whose son Carlo (for clarity called Carletto here), was the initiator of the supermarket line to which he impressed the name of Effmarket, where that ""Effe"" maintains indelible l 'Family footprint. At his side the always very active wife, Mrs. Ancilla. It was then the turn of the Effamarket 2 in via Martiri della Libertà which in 1990 joined the success of the first supermarket the most recent chapter, which involves the fifth generation of Fossati, - that is Enrica, Piero and Ambrogio - is from 2005 with the opening In Bareggia of a shopping center, the ""new effect"" then a lot of work, carried out in the belief of making a concrete contribution to the development of our territory. A heartfelt thanks to all the capable and professional collaborators who have followed each other over the years, for their dedication to the company and who have shared the merits of our success with their work.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Cotechino

  • - vanilla

  • - Zampone

  • - Luganega di Monza

  • - Fresh liver mortadella to cook

  • - Soft Hamburger

  • - Hamburger Brianzolo

  • - Fresh salamelle

  • - Fresh verzini

  • - Paesana cake

  • - jam tarts

  • - cream tarts

  • - pesto garlic orsino

  • - Fassona bresaola

  • - natural tense bacon

  • - porchetta in the oven

  • - Natural cooked ham Fiorino

  • - Natural cooked ham queen

  • - Filzetta salami

  • - fresh sausage

  • - fresh fennel sausage

  • - fresh chilli sausage

  • - Seasoned liver mortadella

  • - Seasoned pork fillet

  • - Seasoned pillow

  • - Carne Salada

  • - Traditional balsamic vinegar

  • - granular vegetable nut

  • - Rooms in the Orsino pesto


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