The magic of stamps on several occasions, talking to customers in the many beautiful fairs dedicated to creativity or in the printing stores or by writing on blogs dedicated to creative passions, we happen to mention ""the magic of stamps"". In hot talking, perhaps right in front of a table covered with stamps and tickets, this concept is easily expressed, and is understandable as a natural fact. Reflecting more calmly it can be interesting to explain better than it is. You know the joy of a small child, and the enthusiasm with which he uses a timbre to ""smear"" a sheet of paper progressively and hopelessly. And he sees this image forming more and more decomposed under his eyes, and the more enlarged it the more he enjoys, up to filling almost all the available space, to move on to other spaces ""¦ For example, the walls of the house! At the beginning it is enchanted in the see the Mickey Mouse appear under the stamp. Then he does not resist the temptation to repeat that gesture and no longer stops. For adults à © exactly the same thing, indeed much better: the ""magical"" amazement begins with the sound that the rubber of the Stamp emits when he detaches himself from the paper leaving the imprint printed. For a moment we remain to contemplate this perfect result. Then we add a powder, we found it and the continuous spell showing us the image that lights up under our eyes. Still a touch Color with watercolor markers and the final result leaves us stucco. Because © ""¦ I did it. And à © Bello! This à © The magic of the stamps. With the stamps you can do things that you would not believe you are able to do with your own hands. If you are a child you don't surprise yourself: you are already in a magical world, you enjoy the situation and that's it. As an adult everything changes: you have already been forced to frame your behavior in rigid daily habits. Discovering that you can do much more, and differently, with your creativity and your hands means projecting yourself into a dimension that has the contours of magic. This is why almost thirty years ago we took this path. We created the ""Author footprint"" brand deriving the word ""footprints"" from the jargon of the old typographers (now ""¦ we are us!) Which called the printed drafts of the matrices who prepared and"" author ""to understand that the 'Author becomes those who use them, these matrices, to print perfectly or to dirty a piece of paper, but always freeing their creativity and ""¦ enjoying it!


Freizeit und Kreativität.

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