Alia skin care cosmetici naturali e vegani

Alia skin care cosmetici naturali e vegani

Alia Skin Care comes from the creation of Dr. Debora Pollina, Pharmacist and Cosmetologist. The cosmetic line aims to enhance the resources and traditions of the Sicilian territory. Our cosmetics contain vegetable and essential oils from Sicilian farms with which we collaborate. We also have a collaboration with a ceramist who realizes the majolica for Alia that will be depicted in the labels of the entire cosmetic line.


Gesundheit und Schönheit

Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Creamy and super moisturizing formula with prickly pear gel for nourished and extremely velvety skin. Enriched with orange petals

  • - rose hydrosol and chamomile for an anti-reddening

  • - soothing and calming function. Shea butter and vegetable oils perform a deep cleansing action

  • - eliminating dirt and impurities.

  • - Crema corpo idratante e nutriente a base di olio extravergine di oliva e olio di mandorle dolci

  • - per nutrire la pelle con delicatezza

  • - mantenendola idratata e morbida a lungo grazie alle spiccate proprietà emollienti. La crema idratante e nutriente Alia skin care è poi arricchita da aloe e calendula

  • - dall’importante azione lenitiva e rinfrescante

  • - e dall’estratto di mandorle dolci siciliane

  • - una vera delizia per l’olfatto

  • - Emollient and nourishing body oil based on grape seed oil and sweet almond oil

  • - to delicately nourish the skin

  • - keeping it hydrated and soft for a long time thanks to its marked emollient properties. Alia skin care body oil is then enriched with essential oil of jasmine and sweet orange

  • - with an important soothing and refreshing action

  • - and with Sicilian sweet almond extract

  • - a real delight for the sense of smell.

  • - Crema per capelli dalla texture ricca e cremosa a base di aloe

  • - olio di oliva extravergine

  • - germe di grano e proteine della soia

  • - per un’azione rivitalizzante

  • - e ristrutturante. L’olio essenziale di mandarino verde dona splendore e lucentezza al capello senza appesantirlo

  • - e sprigiona una carica di freschezza e tonicità per la mente.

  • - Delicate formula based on extra virgin olive oil and chamomile extract

  • - which act synergistically by restoring the balance of the scalp and the structure of the hair. The essential oil of lemon purifies giving a pleasant sensation of freshness. Ideal for delicate hair and for frequent washing.

  • - Anti-aging cream ideal for daily hydration

  • - thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients that act synergistically

  • - carrying out a protective and antioxidant action. The mallow extract acts as an emollient and soothing

  • - while the hyaluronic acid promotes skin hydration and the restoration of the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis. Finally

  • - argan oil has an important antioxidant action

  • - naturally counteracting the signs of skin aging. The skin appears brighter and more compact from the first application

  • - and is ideal for sensitive and delicate skin.

  • - Crema detergente idratante e nutriente a base di olio extravergine di oliva

  • - olio di mandorle dolci ed estratto di calendula

  • - per detergere la pelle del viso con delicatezza

  • - mantenendola idratata e morbida. Ideale per un uso quotidiano

  • - è delicata anche sulle pelli più sensibili

  • - garantendo una pelle sempre vellutata e profumata.

  • - Exfoliating and illuminating face mask based on rice starch

  • - almond powder and Sicilian pomegranate extract

  • - to gently remove impurities and dead skin cells and give you a luminous and soft skin. Thanks to the presence of ellagic acid in pomegranate juice

  • - it has a depigmenting and lightening action

  • - prevents the formation of brown spots. Rice starch gently exfoliates with a soothing action

  • - and is ideal for sensitive and delicate skin.

  • - Innovative formula rich in vitamin C

  • - hyaluronic acid

  • - floral water of Sicilian pink grapefruit. Give your skin an intensive antioxidant treatment and up to 24 hours of deep hydration. 18-β-glycyrrhetic acid instantly soothes any redness or irritation. Ideal for sensitive skin - WITH SUN FILTER -


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