A.I.D.A. di Giangreco Paolo

A.I.D.A. di Giangreco Paolo
In January 2015 Aida Bio® S.R.L. Unipersonale, from the transformation of a craftsmanship with a long family tradition guided by Giangreco Paolo. Giangreco Paolo, member of one of the most prestigious Sicilian families in the field of confectionery production, has inherited the ancient recipes jealously guarded by the family. Founded in 1930 by Antonino Giangreco as a farm with production before milk and subsequently almonds and honey, over time it turned into a bakery with an adjacent laboratory for desserts. In 1990 the a.i.d.a. By Giangreco Paolo he manages to establish himself not only in the local market, but at national and international level, exporting the products in most European countries. In 2015 the company has become S.R.L. With the name Aida organic to want to emphasize the main feature of products that favor raw materials with excellent biological qualities and with the prospect of creating a line dedicated entirely to organic. In fact, the strengths of the company derive from strong respect for raw materials and Sicilian traditions combined with the promotion of a traditional and healthy food culture. The company philosophy was the guarantee and the quality brand of all production and represents Sicilian authenticity in foreign markets. The staff of great experience in the sector, the exceptional capacity and foresight of family-run managerial management, organizational flexibility, attention to detail and great attention to customer needs make this company a company of great interest on the international scene . Aida Bio performs a continuous strategic marketing activity to measure the attractiveness of its product in quantitative, qualitative and dynamic terms in order to seize the opportunities that the market offers. Over time a continuous attention and knowledge of national and international markets has been consolidated, which allows us to meet customers' needs by maintaining a handicraft production. Building solid and lasting relationships with customers and partners in foreign markets and an international quality reputation has allowed us to create a competent distribution network that can make the most of our products and offer a more detailed knowledge of the market in which they operate. Our specialties are the typical Sicilian desserts, made with almonds and honey, artisanal mode products and opting for the courageous choice not to use chemical preservatives, to keep the product as close as possible to the Sicilian tradition. Our flagship product is the almond paste in the most varied tastes, from the traditional traditional one to that in a pistachio grain to the most innovative and various flavors (strawberry, cedar, black cherry, banana, pineapple, apricot, mulberries ...). Of great value in our production are also the Sicilian cantuccini with almonds, pistachios and chocolate, the buccellates with dried figs, the crunchy with almonds and pistachios and the Sicilian cannoli stuffed with flavored chocolate creams. In traditional holidays there is also a specific high quality production: from the classic panettone, chocolate and pistachio, to the Easter dove, as well as many local products that are part of our oldest traditions. Our catalog has over 300 products and is constantly updated. We respect rigorous hygienic controls throughout the production process, following the self-control system H.A.C.C.P. As requested by the EEC Directive 93/43 D.L. 155 of 26-06-97



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Gift baskets and mixed packs

  • - Cookies and pastries

  • - Marzipan

  • - Chocolate panettone

  • - Pistachio panettone

  • - Panettone assorted tastes

  • - Classic Milanese panettone

  • - Nougat

  • - Almond paste

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