Az. Agr. Le Aromatiche di Girafi

Az. Agr. Le Aromatiche di Girafi

The farm called the aromatic of span, stands in the Sicilian hinterland precisely in Mussomeli at an altitude of 900 m where the pedoclimatic factors favor the natural development of both the flavors and the aromas of the cultivated products. Our battle horses are oregano, thyme and wild fennel that grow above all spontaneous on our mountain located within our company and continuing with the cultivation of the various legumes such as lentils, black lentils, white cece, black Cece, fava fava etc. Everything we produce close the supply chain, also having the transformation and packaging laboratory of the raw materials within the company itself.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Creams and olive pâté

  • - Wild fennel pesto and Sicilian pesto

  • - Creams and pâtés

  • - Caper cream, chilli cream,

  • - Chili

  • - Spices Other

  • - Bunched and shelled oregano

  • - Wild fennel seed and shelled beard

  • - Thyme, rosemary, sage, mix-flavours

  • - Capers

  • - Legumes; lentils, white chickpea, black chickpea, broad beans and beans

  • - Natural shelled almonds


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