Birrificio Degli Ostuni

Birrificio Degli Ostuni
This adventure begins in the spring of 2014 when an ""old cinema"" is transformed into a ""modern artisan brewery"". The Brewery of Ostuni. Just like a film, the film, it will not have a merely informative end, but will name a precise story: that of two brothers, Matteo and Giuseppe Ostuni, two young entrepreneurs and their desire to express themselves, creating a product that tells the passion for beer. Their was not a passenger desire, a vellelais dream, an unparalleled ambition. They did it seriously. They challenge the great industry with character, appropriate of almost all the production of beer and decided not to return even a centimeter, because they want to rediscover ""ancient flavors"", those now forgotten. Not only are they proposed on the market with a niche product, a limited production that wants to achieve a high quality standard but above all true craftsmanship. Supported by great passion, from a tireless father and by numerous friends, who support them in this business with infinite wisdom, they delight to test new recipes with a view to a conscious brewing. But it's not all: every moment will be the perfect one to appreciate a great beer. The one to be enjoyed in special moments, with special people, the one to combine with some flavors, the one to sip, relaxing at the end of the day, that to toast with friends in joy, that to live the unforgettable moment. This story, a bit romance, a bit intriguing sees the protagonist that drink Sumera, Babylonian or perhaps Egyptian, which if a time seduced queens, intoxicated magistrates, thirst of common people, today charms fans and you like curious. So if beer, in the cinema, appears in numerous plots, among the stories of breweries and brewers also appear. The artisan beer produced by us has characters that makes it unique. With a view to the rediscovery of tradition and genuineness; The added value of our beer is given by the quality of the raw materials used which confer an extremely intense taste. We aim for the choice of carefully selected and guaranteed ingredients, such as: barley malt, yeasts and hops. The peculiarity of production concerns the method of realization: 100% natural. It does not provide for pastorization and microfiltration processes, its own industrial beers. From the combination of tradition, he learned from good masters brewers, and technological innovation becomes for us to offer an excellent product, which satisfies the tastes of a vast and diverse clientele, who knows a quality beer consciously.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

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