Helixita is a Beauty Brand, born in 2017. Our mission is to combine the natural power of the bay of snail to the benefits of cosmetic innovation. Our brand takes steps from the morning following summer thunderstorms: observing the activity of snails and their inexorable resistance, we decided to invest time to find out how to transform this force of nature into a benefit for our skin. Starting from the assumption that every action had to be completely cruelty free, we looked for the most respectful way to extract the burrs in the purest and most delicate way possible: we opted for a stimulation process that allows our spirits to live a long and serene life . We then realized that if the bay of snail is a pure concentrate of beauty thanks to its high doses of allantoin, elastin, collagen and vitamins, the union with other ingredients coming from the earth would have created Top Quality beauty treatments. Thanks to an accurate work of selection of the ingredients, we therefore realized cosmetics that have a single wire: base everything on the strength of nature. The Inci listed on the individual pages related to each product certifies our commitment, which will never compromise. Helixita tips all on Made in Italy: our snails are raised in Italy. For this reason, being able to assist with our eyes to their growth and being certain of quality, we have created products with very high bay percentages of snail. Our brand is synonymous with security and guarantee: testimony of this we have given life to a special satisfied or refunded formula. Helixita tips everything on quality and experience of customers: if you are happy, we are happy!


Gesundheit und Schönheit

Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Body moisturizer

  • - Nourishing cream for the face

  • - Face cleaner

  • - Eye contour to tone

  • - Nourishing product for the lips

  • - Quality products for personal care