Adelfio Conserve di Marzamemi

Adelfio Conserve di Marzamemi

The AZ. Adelfio, was born in 1931 in Marzamemi Small Borgo Marinaro di Pachino, Province of Syracuse. South eastern coast of Sicily. Marzamemi was the most important second tonnara in Sicily after Favignana in terms of fish volumes. Marzamemi's tonnara applied the ground mattanza for red tuna fishing (Thunnus Thynnus) and Mediterranean tuna (Euthynnus allitteratus). The AZ. Adelfio, founded by Gaetano Adelfio, was closely linked to the tonnara of Marzamemi both for the marketing of fresh tuna and for the transformation of tuna into milk and wooden barrels. In the processing sector, the main product was represented by the red tuna and salted tuna bottarga. In the sixties, Marzamemi's tonnara was disused because, in those years, he started the flying mattanza. With the flying matza, the tuna came (and they are still caught off the coasts through the circuit technique. This technique consists in the interception of the tuna branch and in the latter fishing through circuit networks respecting the sizes provided for by the subject. The flying matures were practiced both by marzamemi fishermen and boats belonging to other sicily marineries. In this new view, the fishermen of Marzamemi decided to specialize in fishing for blue fish (anchovies, anchovies, sardines, mackerel and curly) and the AZ. Adelfio, following the fish of Marzamemi, extended its price list starting to transform this type of fish. Thus a new wine line was born very much appreciated by the public who rewarded and awarded the choice made by Gaetano in the 1960s. In this period, the AZ. Adelfio, modifies its transformation and begins to offer on the market, in addition to the line under salt and in brine, even the milk and vessels glass of tuna and blue fish olive oil. In the seventies, the AZ. Adelfio was moved to the ""Francesco Adelfio"" family. Strong and charismatic person was called by all ""U Zu 'Franco"" (reported today in the Adelfio brand as ""Don Franco""). In the 1980s, the culture of cherry tomato is taken to Pachino and it is precisely in those years that Francesco Adelfio decides to transform the red gold of Pachino. Thus begins the new plant line where the flagship is represented by the ""cherry sauce in the traditional 33cl bottles"" and ""from the dry cherry in 250g flow pack"". Today the AZ. Adelfio is led by Gaetano Adelfio, son of Francesco. It is always a homemade and family business but has an organic structure ready to overcome any commercial challenge. Production has fully inherited traditional processing methods used by Gaetano Adelfio in the 1960s.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Pesti e creme di pistacchio in vaso vetro.,Ready-made cherry tomato sauce.-Being from Pachino, we couldn't also offer our flagship product of the territory.-33cl bottles,Sughi pronti a base di pesce.-I nostri sughi sono tutti gourmet in quanto vengono elaborati nel rispetto delle ricette del nostro chef.,Sicilian durum wheat pasta in a 500g bag processed in Palazzolo according to the tradition of a pasta factory with many years of experience,,Anchovy fillets in oil in glass jars in the following formats: 200g standard cap, 230g hermetic cap and 580g hermetic cap. fresh according to the ancient traditions of Marzamemi,Slice of red tuna bottarga. Variable weight,sgombro in olio di oliva vaso 200g.-sgombro in olio di semi latta 300g--Pesce spada in olio di oliva vaso 200g--Pesce spada in olio di oliva con confettura di gelsi neri vaso vetro 200g--Ricciola in olio di oliva vaso 200g--Ricciola con mentuccia e pinoli vaso 200g--Il nostro ittico è lavorato esclusivamente a mano nel rispetto delle antiche tradizioni della Tonnara di Marzamemi,Bluefin tuna preserved in olive oil - The jars supplied are: 200g, 300g, 565g, 235g, 330g and 600g - The cans are: 300g - Mediterranean tuna in olive oil - The jars supplied are: 200g, 300g, 565g, 235g, 330g and 600g-Cans are: 160g and 300g - Albacore tuna in olive oil - Jars supplied are: 200g and 300g - Tuna fish in olive oil - Jars supplied are from 200g - Our tuna is handmade in Marzamemi according to the ancient traditions of the Tonnara di Marzamemi. The oil we use for our preserves is exclusively Sicilian - Tuna patè in glass jar 200g and variants - Tuna sauce in glass jar 200g - Tuna with onion 200g - Tuna with cherry 200g - Tuna with mint 200g - tuna with pistachio 200g--


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