Armagnac Domaine '' A Lafitte ''

Armagnac Domaine '' A Lafitte ''

Domaine à Lafitte specializes in distillation of the most ancient French spirits, the Armagnac. Viticutors since 1945, we produce in the purest tradition an artisan and authentic Bas Armagnac. It made from an exclusive terroir, our Armagnac is characterized by thin aromas and a highly delicate taste. OUR PHILOSOPHY Domaine «à laFitte» is a family-run company located in Zion, in the Gers region, in the heart of the earth of the Armagnac. ""Three generations of passionate masters have sent us their savoir-faire, their love for the vineyard and the secrets of the production of this magnificent drink. Like them, we today continue in the search for excellence, with the aim of seducing armagnac lovers through exceptional vintages. ""



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  • - Distilled and grappa


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