A long family tradition born from the passion for wine. This is the exact definition of the Angel Maffione Vini. Producing a wine that can give you pleasant sensations through the unique scent and the unmistakable flavor, just as unique and unmistakable Our land: Puglia. The company selects, produces and markets certified wines I.G.P. Coming exclusively from Apulian grapes.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - ROSE 'from NEGROAMARO grapes vol. 12.5%

  • - Vino spumante rifermentato in autoclave da uve Bombino Bianco vol. 13%

  • - CHARDONNAY Puglia I.G.P. vol. 12

  • - 5%

  • - PRIMITIVE Salento IGP vol. 14% -NEGROAMARO Salento IGP vol. 13.5% -NERO DI TROIA Puglia PGI vol. 13%