A story born from love for our forests, from the interpretation inherited from our traditions. An entrepreneurial project that puts the synergy to the center and the desire to tell each other, through our essences. The best creativity is born from the imagination. In the summer of 2019 by the meeting of three companies, the ""magnificent essence"" project is born. An entrepreneurial idea based on fundamental pillars such as: Love for the territory, the circular economy, the spirit of collaboration and initiative. Ingredients needed to create a strong bond between environment and nature, communities and visitors, tradition and innovation. A project born in Valle di Fiemme that recovers coniferous needles, otherwise discarded in wooded processing, and produces prized essential oil from countless beneficial qualities. The whole extraction process is obtained in a natural and sustainable way by operating within the limits that nature itself requires us. The essential oil magnificent essence wants to give an olfactory identity to the territory that we live and at the moments of our memory. A project that wants to make known the true essence of the Valle di Fiemme, through the sense of smell and the perfumes that tell this precious mountain territory.


Salute e bellezza,Casa e Arredo,Alimentari

Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Pure essential oils

  • - Room spray

  • - Diffusers

  • - Room air freshener mixes

  • - Aromatherapy inhalers

  • - Roll-on mix with essential oils in jojoba oil

  • - Pine scented vegetable candles

  • - Pine body cream

  • - Pine scrub body wash

  • - Massage oils with essential oils

  • - Lip balm with essential oil

  • - Hand sanitizing gel

  • - Hand sanitizing spray

  • - Swiss pine hand butter

  • -

  • - Dark chocolate flavored with essential oils

  • - Bath salts with essential oils

  • - Swiss pine flavored sweets


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