Distillerie Peroni Maddalena dal 1969

Distillerie Peroni Maddalena dal 1969
That of Grappa, our national heritage, is a history and that of the Andreoli family - Persons who have been dediling with an innate love in each of the members from over fifty years, the realization of a dream. Intelligence and rigor, affability and sympathy. There are many qualities that have created a unique brand of its kind, capable of rewriting the history of our national distillate, and to make him conquer a place of honor on world tables. All this and much more is what you breathe at the Distilleries Peroni Maddalena, the name of a company of class products represented by a large family. Everything starts with Giuseppe Andreoli, a young person so enterprising and promious, who when a friend in 1961 proposes to detect an old Brescia distillery takes the opportunity to fly, with the aim of realizing his dream: being able to distill One grappa. Finally after producing and marketed grappa for years for others, in 1969 Giuseppe with his wife Maddalena, a volcano perpetually in eruption, only with their word sign the commitment, and they buy a part of the land where the company is currently based, That Giuseppe, free to his wife, called ""Distillerie Peroni Maddalena"". In the production of one's own grappas the Andreoli - Peroni family ensures the use of pomace chosen and coming from the most representative vineyards, especially for the monovitignants of Franciacorta Pinot and Chardonnay, for Lake Garda the Lugana, and for Valpolicella L ' Amarone. These pomace are subjected to distillation with the discontinuous steam method in small copper boilers; They overcome accurate checks in respect of precise organoleptic parameters. But the ingredients, albeit excellent, and the method now patented, are never enough to create a great product: the secret is all in the brilliant exiner of those who know how to follow them with love and competence at any time of processing, without Never delegate to others, from the ino to the label, not even one of the process phases. Thus begin to distill pomace and to realize the first distillate of own production, discovering a passion to which they will be dedicated forever: producing grappa. Since then it has been a succession of successes and awards, culminated in 2020 at the Spirits Selection Concours Mondial de Bruxelles with the Grand Medal Gold Medal Award with grappas Amarone Barricata and Chardonnay aged gold reserve; 2019 with the Gold Medal Prize with Grappa Pinot Barricata; 2018 with the Grand Medal Gold Medal Award with Garda Aged Garda Grappa. Today the company is conducted by Charles Charles, Paola and Sandro Andreoli who with innate love and the parents' passion the dream continues. The company is open for guided tours and tastings by reservation. The company showroom is open for the purchase, of its personalized products and gift boxes, from Monday to Saturday hours 9/12-14 / 19. The showroom is also open on Sundays in November (Sunday 14, 21 and 28) and December (Sunday 05, 12, 19).



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Gin Gloria

  • - Gin Laura

  • - Gin Marco

  • - Gin to lemon

  • - Gin to grapefruit

  • - Gin to pink pepper

  • - 44 London Dry Gin

  • - 55 London Dry Gin

  • - Grappa Chardonnay Unicovitigno

  • - Grappa Chardonnay 4 years

  • - Vermouth

  • - Bitter of Thu

  • - Amaro Giulia

  • - Limoncino del Garda

  • - Licorice

  • - Pistachio cream

  • - Arancino