Our company was born in the 30s, when an undertaking Massimo Tonelli began a job that will take it first to trade cattle and then found the "Tonelli Massimo S.R.L. trade meats ". Initially he opens a small shop in the heart of the town of Morbegno, then in 1955 he collected a property in the nearby removal and develops the area in a slaughterhouse with a transformation workshop. He then adds a cured meat production department and finally the historic store. With the opening of the new structure, his son Silvio enters the company. Under the watchful eye of the Father, he will soon take the control of the company, expanding it further and bringing it to be one of the most popular realities in the sector. The great merit of Silvio is to quickly understand how the market moves and it is that he senses the importance of offering customers the quality of the product. Silvio managed to give its customers the opportunity to buy all kinds of meat: cow, swine, ovine, equine and poultry. In 1964 Silvio Bride Nilde, who in turn enter the company. Nilde thus starts managing the historic store, heading him with class and elegance and transforming it into a meat and meat boutique. Fantasy, passion and great taste are quality that Mrs. Nilde has managed to transmit to his employees. Thanks to these qualities and its charisma, Mrs. Nilde has been known in the sector and has taken a fundamental role within the company.NEL 1987 The Alico S.R.L. is born, a new brand to replace Tonelli Massimo. The choice of a new social name must be at the entrance to the company of Paola, daughter of Silvio and Nilde. Alico is a linguistic composition given by the union of the roots of two words: food and cosio, country where the company is located. Tireless, safe, capable and strong, the young Paola decides to flank himself to his father, following him in his travels and gradually learning everything that it was necessary to know. After a few years, he began to personally direct the company, creating a reality known and appreciated in most of Northern Italy. Today, after so many years, we are at the third generation and Mrs Paola continues to direct with mastery and determining the family firm. The inexhaustible passion of the Tonelli family and a staff of expert collaborators, take every day at the service of customers to ensure quality and professionalism.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Lavorazione carni fresche sottovuoto

  • - Farina di Grano saraceno

  • - Casera Valtellina

  • - Bitto Valgerola

  • - typical Valtellina cheeses

  • - Pizzocheri Valtellinese

  • - Bisciola Valtellinese

  • - Bresaola P.anca

  • - Slinzega Bovino

  • - Bresaola Noce

  • - Bresaola Magatello

  • - Bresaola Cervo

  • -

  • - Italian Pig Cup

  • - Fiocco Valtellina-Culatello

  • - Lardo salato agli aromi alpini.

  • - Pancetta stagionata steccata suino origine Italia

  • - Typical Valtellina salami from Italy and bovine pigs.

  • - Filetto di suino affumicato all'abete