LEGÙ: tradizione, innovazione e creatività

LEGÙ: tradizione, innovazione e creatività

For Nonna Ida, of Mantuan origins, I became a shadow: every step, and every gesture, in the kitchen turned into play. But nothing had to do with those pastimes to which children fall for tiredness or boredom. The enthusiasm towards pots and raw materials chosen was at the point rooted in me that he had nicknamed me ""pastchin"". Since then, when still at the teachers of the elementary school I carried the cakes made with my hands, in the kitchen I have always been there: in that of the hotel school and in that of the Barilla Academy in Parma where I studied and practical to learn and disclose the High gastronomy. In my experimenter backpack there is a degree in catering science and technologies, the specialization in nutrition, studies in the economy of the agri-food system in Canada. And then in Milan, where I was taken by a company to perform checks and research in the food field. The passions are intertwined, and take fire, thanks to some personal events: ""The discovery of gestational diabetes, when I was waiting for my daughter Asia, opens the doors to entrepreneurial shot. Company first of all cultural, because immediately I insist on the nutritional and healthy properties of the legumes related to the Mediterranean diet. Asia had just turned two months and I already spent for Italy with the strength of my conviction: first in Rome and then in Naples, where a pasta factory rented for a few days to prove the drying of ""non-paste"" ». So in 2015 I founded loyalty - itineri: from here the one that was once the ""anti-paste"" and today is ""not pasta"". Because it is not a first course, not even a contour but a complete range. Imagination can do miracles. And then you think of a stewed steak, because the protein substance is this, in the shape of propellers, Paccheri, lilies, fusilli, smiles, intertwining, rings, pens and goodies: new food trails. Which likes, and much, in Singapore, Dubai, New York, Canada and Switzerland. At the base only selected legumes one hundred percent Italians - white bean, yellow lentil, yellow peas and chickpeas from Tuscany, Marche, Abruzzo, Puglia, Sicily and the south of Liguria - steamed and paissable. Thanks also to the collaboration of a Cremona mill that reduces them into that flour with which today, we also produce tasty mixtures for biscuits, base for pizza (which produces with a Novara company), crushed, breadsticks, puddings. And those soups that, these yes, convinced and conquered so much Italians. Antsignana of a balanced kitchen attentive to intolerances and celiac disease, I studied the market voids to fill them with ""the newly gluten-free gluten-free line line: yes, a first course"". Born during the lockdown - ""Because 50% of my turnover came from catering» - And with the complicity of Asia: ""She is my bulletus map even if, like all the very young, it is attracted by Mac Food». A very Italian product because capable of exploiting the biodiversity of our territory, mixing the tomato powder, the white corn, sorghum and spirulina with the legumes. The cultural battle has turned into entrepreneurial success by betting on innovation, research (so much and constant), patience and a pinch of unconsciousness. But to make a difference, and to bring my products to gastronomy, in the vegetable sector, in butchers, in large retailers (Coop and Alì) and in retail stores (""The owners of the Mario Cantù store in Varese were among the first To visit my company ""), it is precisely that raw material with which I took Gualtiero Marchesi for the throat. I was enrolled in a course on the dough at the Academy that the Master had founded in Milan. And that was the right opportunity to cook my paccheri, lilies, fusilli and noodles. The first four steps with which I kept legisly. The fact is that after two weeks I receive a phone call: Marchesi asked for some ""non-pasta"" packages. I remember that day it rained to hijack, yet I went back to the car without even thinking about it and I came, I don't know how, straight to Piazza della Scala. Marchesi sat, offered me a pomegranate juice and a coffee and told me ""never give up"". "" I never approached. Indeed, the crisis period took me to invest in products that can approach an increasingly consistent slice than consumers. It is so that the gnocchi with vegetable milk were born, the Piadina made Fifty-Fifty with legumes and cereals and the mix for meatballs. Ready in a minute, with the addition of water alone, satisfy the need for contemporary man. Hunting for good and fast dishes in execution.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Other Sweets

  • - Vegan Amaretti

  • - Orange Amaretti

  • - Triangles covered with dark chocolate

  • - Corn and Almond Biscuits

  • - Rice and Cinnamon Biscuits

  • - Blend of legumes

  • -

  • - legumes and cereal snacks

  • - tomato and chimichurri soup

  • - carrot and pumpkin soup

  • - black cabbage and spirulina soup

  • - burger mix

  • -

  • - mix for meatballs

  • - pizzaiola snack

  • - classic snack

  • - rosemary snack

  • - turmeric and pepper snack

  • - oregano snack

  • - onion and paprika snack

  • - truffle snack

  • - lemon and pepper quinoa snack

  • - ginger snack

  • - ginger and curry snack

  • - Pasta 100% legumes

  • - Pasta legumes and cereals

  • - Pasta 2 legumes BIO

  • - None è Pasta - 3 legumes

  • - Pasta 4 legumes

  • - Only legumes and millet

  • - Only white corn and chickpeas

  • - Only but lentils and tomatoes

  • - Only but peas and spirulina

  • - Only sorghum, bean, buckwheat germ

  • - Seeds mix

  • - sunflower seeds

  • - poppy seeds

  • - vegan macaroons

  • - orange macaroons


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