BAGAGLIO 3MENDO Recycled Bags and shoes

BAGAGLIO 3MENDO Recycled Bags and shoes

WHO WE ARE: The crisis pointed to the ingenuity and is how the historic Miro Sport company founded by the father in the 1970s, turns and gives life to a new activity. The Fratelli Massimiliano, Alessandro and Luisa collected the father's witness to create a line of bags, accessories and shoes with recycled material. All processing, from cutting to the packaging, is carried out in the family laboratory in Mairano, in the province of Brescia. If you are in the past area you can find ourselves and you can admire all the steps of processing live. Concept: The idea is to restore life to material that would be destined to be disposed of in cities incinerators. The raw material we use are the billboards of cinemas that are exhibited outside the PVC multiplexes and scrapped car safety belts. These are waterproof, robust and colorful material, a just mix to achieve all our creations. The material (PVC) is first clean and then, with great passion, is literally torn to pieces by hand and used to create bags, accessories and shoes. All processing is the result of a meticulous and 100% artisanal work, both for the cut and the assembly of the various pieces, giving life to absolutely unique pieces. Contacts: Miro Sport, Via della Libertà 32, 25030 Mairirano (BS); Mail: info@bagaglio3mendo.it; Facebook: 3-thinking luggage


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