Pisco, spirits & superfoods

Pisco, spirits & superfoods

Choosing bio and natural cultivation is a gesture of love towards humanity, the environment and their balance. We, of Vivilatino are aware that with our choice we contribute to the care of your loved ones and the sustainability of the various communities of South America. From there we come our products that represent a conscious support to the indigenous communities of Perú, Ecuador and Bolivia, but above all they pay tribute to women's work in the Andean fields. Come and discover our products, from fine coffee mixtures, avocado oil, monoric chocolate to all our superfood. We are waiting for you !! All our products give natural nutrients, giving completeness to your Mediterranean diet. We are a company dedicated to the import of Andean Superfood. We thus contribute to the care of your loved ones and to the sustainability of the various Communities Andeans.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Distillates and Spirits of Peru

  • - Pisco, Amazonian Gin, Andean Vodka, Piskus, Rum,

  • - Purple Corn Whiskey,

  • - Peruvian wine

  • - Dark chocolate from Peru, Colombia, Ecuador

  • - RAW and roasted cocoa beans

  • - Superfoods from Latin America: Maca, gluten free flours,

  • - Extra Virgin Avocado Oil and Sacha Inchi


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