AGROMONTE Rossociliegino Agricola S.r.l.

AGROMONTE Rossociliegino Agricola S.r.l.

A company, a family, love for its own land of origin, Sicily. Agromonte specializes in the transformation of cherry tomato, worked in Sicily, only in the summer season, from fresh raw materials. Our flagship product is the prepared cherry tomato sauce in the traditional 330g beer bottle. Prepared according to ancient family receiving, it is sweet, full-bodied, seasoned and ready to pay on the pasta. The sauce are added to the past, the pests, bruschetta and specialties, ideal for seasoning pasta, pizza and bruschetta.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - The Bruschetta of Cherry Tomato and Chili Pepper is a perfect product for the most resistant palates and for lovers of spicy food. The careful selection of raw materials makes it an excellent product to give personality to appetizers

  • - first and second courses

  • - The Agromonte Bruschette are a refined selection of preserves which

  • - in terms of ingredients and preparation

  • - are inspired by traditional Sicilian gastronomy.

  • - Pesto al Basilico

  • - a cornerstone of Italian cuisine

  • - is perfect to be enjoyed directly as a condiment for the most varied types of pasta. Also excellent for flavoring dishes such as gnocchi

  • - minestrone and very good to give an extra touch of taste even to pizza.

  • - The taste of tradition-The original flavors of the ancient recipes of the culinary tradition of southern Italy

  • - enriched by the unmistakable taste of Sicilian products.

  • - The Agromonte cherry tomato sauce uses only first choice products and preserves the traditional taste of the typical Sicilian delicacy. Processed with natural processes

  • - it has a very low acidity content and preserves the sweet taste of the cherry which makes it a unique and inimitable product.


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